24 Aug 2020



Awww delicious !





The whole week we were complaining about the heat, with success, because on Saturday the temperature had dropped to nearly half of the day before ! 

Each day I try out new ideas to squeeze my clothes into practical spaces ! The only thing is I hate to shop in Coronavirus times and order more and more on Internet ! New rules had been imagined, now you are allowed to go with one other person in a shop and you can stay as long as you want ! Last week it was one person at time and for 30 minutes with the result that most of the shops remained empty ! Very good for the already very much damaged economy ! 

More and more boutiques close and companies too. There are still no festivities, and if there is something the number of the people is so reduced that nobody goes ! 

I finally found a nice shelf for my pullovers and T-shirts. My friend Myriam who is really amazing put it together and now it looks real good ! Slowly my junk room is on the way to become a dressing !

Now I only have to empty a box and put my things on the shelf !


I also found this very practical towel or cloth hanger, which doesn't need to be fixed you just hang it on the door !  

I feel like a bird which builds its nest !


Finally the third cushion arrived and now I have to wait for the fourth ! It looks very nice at least to my taste.

Sunday was an awful day it rained and everything  was closed ! Except the restaurants !

Myriam had invited us for coffee and for once Mr. G. came with me, they had become friends too, she had helped us so much during the move, when he was completely "out off work" We had a nice afternoon without masks, of course. You still are not allowed to invite more than 5 people ! They call it a bubble of 5 people.  For some families that's complicated if they have 3 brothers or sisters and they are all married then in makes already one too much for a bubble and has to stay home ! Ridiculous. For a funeral they allowed 50 people, but for a marriage only 10 ! Which is also strange, because sometimes funerals are more funny and people drink more then at some marriages. This was the explanation given to us !!

Each day the news start with the bubbles, and the numbers of the infected people. There are less death. If at the beginning I tried to understand, now I gave up. I wear my mask when I go out and in the shops, and I disinfect my hands at each door of a shop because that you have to do !

It's really a strange life more and more people get nervous breakdowns or other psychological problems and the divorce rate has also increased quite a lot !

Therefore I should be happy that I still have to arrange things here in the apartment and anyway no time or less time to go out !

I am living in the "Bubble Country" and wonder if this will be my outfit for the future !


  1. Perhaps that as shown in the photo is how we should all be getting around. It sounds like you are getting things well organised now. I can't imagine why the cushions didn't all arrive together.

  2. Lovely to have a dressing room to store all your clothes. lots of shops here have closed too and I haven't bought much new as the fitting rooms are closed so nothing can be tried on. Doesn't matter as I hardly go anywhere and I hate wearing a mask. Masks are not compulsory here-yet.

  3. We are all so sick and tired of the virus and wish the news would shut up about the numbers and bubbles because it really doesn't help to know. Masks are awful and so many people are having issues because humans are not made to be kept apart and not allowed to go places. Not a good time.

  4. Good to see you still have your sense of humour. The rules are so confusing. So many things you can't do and yet next week our schools are expected to reopen FULLY. One day you can travel to a country, next you are being told you will need to quarantine for 14 days when returning. It's a nightmare. we're staying home!

  5. That last photo made me laugh. As Andrew said maybe they will be our future outfits.

  6. Awww on the kitties and the pup. They work so hard at being cute.

    We're hot here too and most of California is on fire. The smoke has been awful. I'll be glad then the fires are out and we can breathe again.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  7. How wonderful to have dressing room, a great addition once you have it organised. Cute pictures of the cat and dog.

  8. Beautiful furbabies today! Moving is a never ending chore sometimes - you'll get there Gattina!

  9. You’ve got a nice shelf. And over the door hanger, it’s very practical indeed :-)


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