21 Aug 2020


Another Coronavirus week went by ! Everybody I know is fed up we would if we were younger probably protest on the street against some so stupid rules !

I shouldn't complain because I still have a lot of work to do with unpacking bags and boxes. But I don't always feel like it, and with this hot and humid weather I get breathing difficulties when I move too much. So everything has to go slowly slowly  and mostly I do it on Thursdays when mein cleaning lady can help me.

One side of my dressing room is done, but I am still waiting for a shelf I ordered. So I have an excuse to postpone this work. 

I had to go to my former neighbor who was so kind and stock my paintings which I want to keep ! I had to sort out which one I would throw away and which I would like to keep for an exhibition. I managed half of the work but then it was so hot we had to stop !

We had lunch together in the same restaurant as last week and the week before, the Italian one "Dolce Vita" we feel good there, we don't have to give our names and don't have to wear masks when you stand up and leave the table ! Everybody is friendly enjoys the real Italian food and the palm trees gives us the impression to be on holidays and not sitting in the middle of an open parking space ! Two men played chess and Corona seemed to be far away !

I had ordered 4 South America style cushion for my black sofa and today came another one now I have three the forth will follow, it comes from Peru. The designs and colors are so pretty ! 

We also visited our friend Nicole who has started her second week of radio and chimio therapy, she still looks good hasn't lost wait or hair but is very tired. She was happy to see us she loves company when she is not too tired. Her daughter still takes care of her because she is afraid to be alone during the night. For the day there is no problem if the daughter wants to have a break or go home or shopping, we are all there to keep Nicole company until her daughter is back. It's so sad.

Today we had 31° C again and no sunshine at all, the air was thick and not easy to breathe under the masks. Rosie doesn't care she observes the garden and what is wandering around.

The above two pictures show my view from the terrace ! 3 days they were cutting the hedge because the property is enormous and that in the middle of Waterloo ! It was an awful noise from 8.30 am until 4.30 pm !

Was I happy that I don't have to do anything in the garden anymore ! Just enjoy the view !

As you can see at 7 pm we still had 32°C ! 

I watched a bit TV with Mr. G. but he was tired and went to bed and I stayed outside and  looked at the dark sky without stars ! Probably a little thunderstorm in the air.

And while I was writing this post the neighbor cat watched me under the door !

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Mara said...

I like your cushion. Although it does feel a bit intrusive with those big eyes on it. As if you are being watched all the time!

Linens and Royals said...

Love your neighbour cat, do you know the cat's name yet? Rosie is doing a good job of ignoring the cat, does she even know it is there yet.
Sending positive thoughts to Nicole as she goes through her treatment.

mamasmercantile said...

So sorry to read about your friend Nicole, wishing and hoping for a full recovery. It will take a time to get your new home sorted, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Fun60 said...

I know you will be a big support to Nicole in the difficult time ahead. Your new apartment is quickly developing into your lovely new home.

Faith said...

Love,the colors in,the pillow!!! I had a colorful ski sweater once from Peru. My sister in law went through on a vacation and bought all of us some beautiful clothing from a local woman.

Glad you are all moved in.

DUTA said...

Maybe by the end of the year there'll be a reliable vaccine, but I wouldn't count on the vaccine. I'm not having even the influenza vaccine.
The moving could be an occasion for you to reduce and simplify home contents. It would make life much easier for you.

William Kendall said...

I'm sorry about Nicole.

It appears the neighbour cat is fascinated by Rosie.

Barbara Harper said...

Hoping the best for Nicole. It's good to space work out in the heat.

Tamago said...

The colorful cushion looks great on your black sofa!
I hope your friend Nicole’s treatments will work well. She is lucky to have great friends and family to support her. xo

Willow said...

Prayers for Nichole's recovery. I'm glad you are there to encourage both her and her daughter.
It looks like you are getting settled in your lovely new place. Now you can enjoy the view of the garden.

Penelope Notes said...

What beautiful landscaping and to think you don’t need to lift a finger and can simply enjoy the lawn views. I’m glad when I hear people are still respecting this virus as it could come back full force at any time when we get careless. Sorry to hear of Nicole undergoing treatment. I wish her courage and many supportive friends like you.

Susanne said...

Too bad you couldn't sell all the paintings you no longer wanted to hang onto. Moving is so much work. It has been really hot here too. I think we're in about the 3rd or 4th heat warning of the summer. That's unusual for us. It's nice that the property you live at keeps it up and looking so nice.