10 Aug 2020


Rosie in her new home 

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This weekend was a very hot one with temperatures up to 40° in some places ! It was just awful, you couldn't do anything or you would melt and only a few bones  and some hairs would lay on the sofa ! 

I did simply nothing except watching TV with curtains and windows closed in the middle of the summer sitting in the dark as if it would be freezing cold and raining ! 

Fortunately our new home is very well isolated with triple glass windows and I also have curtains to darken the room and keep cold and heat outside. So it wasn't too bad without airconditioning. At 3 pm I escaped to Myriam for a little chat, we didn't even go into her swimming pool it was simply too hot so we stayed inside and chatted !

In the evening I sat on the terrace where it was a bit cooler and listened to new sounds around me, the screems of joy of people in their swimming pools, laughter and barbecue smell. All what I didn't have in our house. From the 4th floor you see quite a lot !

On Sunday it was not better but this time I thought of my friends in countries where it is always or often very hot and that they had written on their posts that they had spent most of the day in a shopping center !  This gave me an idea ! 

With two other friends we met in the "Lunch Garden" the restaurant working with the Carrefour shop which is like all shops and shopping centers closed on Sundays. But the restaurant was open !  We stayed there for 3 hours sitting in the nice and cool coffee corner and had also an ice cream ! This saved our day !

Apparently the heat will last nearly the whole week and emptying cartons and suitcases and put the stuff in place after our move, can wait !!

With secretary Rosie on the terrace in the a bit cooler evening

and the staff of the Lunch Garden were also sitting and having a break. Besides them and we four there were nobody in the restaurant !!


  1. haha, well not everybody suffered during the hot weekend ;-)
    some people (pointing my finger at myself) are enjoying.

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  3. For goodness sake, get a cooling air conditioner installed. Just a few hundred Euro I think. You don't need to suffer as you are.

  4. Awww, Rosie is living large. She's a pretty girl too.

    When you're not used to the heat it's miserable when it shows up. We have high temperatures here for months. We all have air conditioning too.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. Scritches to Miss Rosie. ♥

  5. Rosie looks like a queen :)
    It seems you had hotter weather than us. But I am not jealous. It's warming up again here after a very pleasant 3 days.

  6. Awww lovely photos of Rosie!
    It was hot here as well but not too bad in the evening. Glad you enjoyed nice and cool time in the restaurant :-)

  7. Shame you have to close your curtains on such a lovely view but does it get so hot often enough to justify the expense of an air conditioner?

  8. That is hot. At least we are used to that in summer but it must be hard for you who live in a temperate climate. I couldn't manage without airconditioning.Rosie seems to like her new abode.I hope Mr G has settled in too.

  9. Rosie looks quite at home.

    We've got temperatures heading that way, but we're used to it.

  10. 40C...? that is far too hot! Lovely photos!

  11. Yes it is very hot here too! Unbearably so. It's actually nice to go out in the air conditioned car. I'm hoping we can soon start packing but I'm hoping it cools down by then.


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