22 Apr 2020


Once I could go into an "all you can eat" restaurant ! Now I am not allowed, anyway all restaurants are closed. Only memories remain and our lockdown is only one and a half month old ! Seems ages to me. The worst thing is, I  become more and more lazy ! Can't do anything not even clean out the rubbish and things I could throw away. Everything is closed. Therefore I leave everything as it is and just wait until we will be allowed to go out again and we are getting back to normal life, although I personally think that life will be another "normal" !

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  1. Gattina:

    These buffets of awesome. The first picture in particular looked so sumptious.

    I must fight laziness too.

    Unavoidable opportunities help in that way.

    Things we COULD throw away and things that we DO or HAVE thrown away in the past.

    Most restaurants are closed where I am except for takeaway and delivery situations.

  2. I love going out for lunch with friends and now wonder when we can do this again. Today I had my haircut so shouldn't complain.

  3. That looks delicious. It will be a while before I can visit a salad bar - we still have no dine-in allowed.
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2020/04/aruba-archived.html

  4. I miss going out to eat. I am enjoying preparing meals at home, though. I'd sure love to eat some Mexican food with a big Margarita.

  5. Strange how we enjoyed so much freedom and didn’t even realize it. Dining at all you can eat places … such a treat but now impossible. It will take quite a while to get to normal and that will be with a vaccine and immunity. Even then, normal will have new insights. Like the old saying from the Musketeers: one for all and all for one, that’s how the world must behave to survive.

  6. Amazing how much we take for granted until we can't have it. The food looks delicious and is making me feel a little hungry.

  7. The help yourself salad bar looks fabulous. I think it is going to be many weeks before I see one of those again.

  8. Oooh they look so delicious! I wonder what the new normal will look like in the future.

  9. Fortunately we can still do a lot of things here in the Netherlands as a lot of stores are still open. Plus the recycling center which is very very busy at the moment, with long queues of people trying to get rid of their rubbish.

  10. I think we're all eager to get out. We'll have to see what the new normal but will be.

  11. Great photos of apparently great food!
    Laziness has sadly become part of my daily behavior too, these days.

  12. Yes, there will be a new normal.

  13. Dear Gattina,

    That's a sumptuous spread indeed. Have some home cooked stuff on my blog this #WordlessWednesday.
    Hop in to our linky if you please:

    Have a delicious week! The new normal is what we will have to live with for sometime at least.

    Take care. Be blessed!

  14. Your photos made me realize how much I am missing buffets! Yummm!


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