24 Apr 2020


I think I can slowly begin with the countdown of my imprisonment ! Another one and a half week confined in my golden cage and then the door will open, I stretch my wings .... and return home. The first day there are probably too many people around and I am not used to it anymore. We have to wear masks probably obligatory and gloves too and keeping the distance of 1.50 m ! I wonder how we will do that in some narrow streets ??
Apparently we will get our masks from the city, if the delivery is not delayed as it already was.

The week started with Monday (as usual, since the Gregorian calender was introduced in October 1582) and that day I mean Monday and not the calender it was very windy cloudy and cold. At least the weather changes from time to time, not our days they are always the same.  Get up, drink coffee, answer emails write my post, eat lunch, watch TV, return to computer until supper, eat supper watch movie (often a Barnaby) and then it's bedtime. I think in a few years if ever this nightmare is finished I will think of the Coronavirus when I watch Inspector Barnaby discovering murderers.

Then came a welcomed adventure. The owner of the apartment I loved so much called me and asked me if I could come, to finally visit it but paying attention because visits are not allowed. I took a bag with books and some cookies, in case somebody would ask me what I am doing in the building so I just could answer that I would bring the books and cookies to a very old person who couldn't go out anymore. Fortunately I didn't need to lie, nobody was in the entrance, I rang the bell, got in and was also alone in the lift.

I had seen the apartment on video which he had sent me, but in life it was even more beautiful. In the middle of the town, surrounded by green lawns and trees on the fourth floor where the white crosses are. The living room was gorgeous very big 40 m2 and a terrace surrounding the apartment. I will have sunshine (if there is any) the whole day. There also were 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms and of course the kitchen. When I had finished he asked me to give him an answer but I told him that we can't do anything because of the lockdown and I would call him the next day.

Instead of driving home I went to N. because she has quite some experience in owning houses and apartments and renting them and asked her what I should do. I wanted to rent from July 1st on, he wanted June 1st which is too early, the papers for our house sale maybe not ready. N told me to insist on July first and if it wouldn't work propose June 15.

We sat on her terrace in the warm sunshine and talked about the apartment. Isis the cat was brushed, and we also had a coffee together and then I went home and told Mr. G what N had suggested. He agreed immediately and would have moved right away, now he is not anymore against the idea to move, no now he wants to  move immediately.  Not women always change their minds, men too !

The next morning I called the estate agency and they knew already that I would take the apartment and she told me that the owner was very happy with us, we are the ideal couple for renting, we are both retired, nobody can fire us and he will be sure to get his rent each month. We won't give loud parties (but you never know) and no kids are hopping around.

Mr. G. and I started to make plans how to organize the move and do it right away, the house can stay empty with the junk inside which we can take out later.

The next day we went to M. she had cleaned her swimming pool, it was warm and we  chatted about the apartment, how to arrange the furniture, where to put the shoes etc etc.
For them it was a nice change too, otherwise you only hear Corona related stories and statistics, how many death, infected and saved people !

respecting the distance of 1.50 m, but no masks ! too hot ! We are really lucky in our golden cages !!

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Penelope Notes said...

I most certainly am wishing you the best and that the lovely apartment works out for you, Gattina. It sounds as if your golden cage doors will open just a little bit in the near future. I hope it goes well and everyone manages to stay safe.

Barbara Harper said...

The apartment sounds so nice! Sounds like you got great advice. I'm glad everything worked out so well.

DUTA said...

Two good news: masks to be delivered by the city and, the apartement to be hired - visited and enjoyed.
Keep on with the good news!

mamasmercantile said...

How exciting for you. Hope it all works out well. Take care.

Linens and Royals said...

Love the look of your apartment, I can see lots of doors opening onto your terrace and lots of green around. I'm sure you will love living there.

Tamago said...

The apartment looks beautiful! You made me laugh with the part about loud parties and you added “but you never know” :-)

Wendy said...

I doubt you'll have loud parties in the way they think but I'm sure when you invite all your friends round once you've settled in and you can move around more it will be a noisy time lol

Susanne said...

The windows on that apartment are lovely! They will let in so much light. And I'm sure you will write many a blog post from that terrace. So happy you were able to get what you wanted even in the midst of the chaos.

Willow said...

Your new apartment sounds like it will be perfect for you. No loud parties, though...
You are fortunate that your home has sold so quickly! We are still waiting, and waiting...and now no one is coming to look at it.