13 Aug 2019


Those who are not so much interested in history probably don't know that in my little town Waterloo, Napoleon lost his battle against Wellington and his allies. (Now you can google) But even my little Waterloo became famous through the Abba song Waterloo.

The Waterloo station in London is also named after "my" Waterloo, but I think only few people know that.

Anyway as Waterloo has a very little train station with two platforms to go to platform two from the main entrance you have to go down some steps, into a tunnel which leads you to the other side. All the walls had always attracted taggers to leave there dirty tags everywhere and although it was cleaned and repainted often,  a few days later it looked dirty again.

The city had a good idea. It hired street artists and they painted the way to the other side with Graffitis.

the horse looks beautiful

Going down towards the tunnel

in the tunnel

and going up to platform 2.

It looks clean, color and cheerful and there are no tags anymore ! From time to time the Graffitis are refreshed because they always look like new at least to me. There must be a secret rule between Taggers and Graffiti artists, because ever since no tags have been painted on the walls !

more participants here



  1. Generally taggers do respect murals but not always.

  2. Good grief! Who doesn't know about Napoleon and Waterloo???? Please don't tell me, that they no longer teach basic History, in school???

    And yet, I can see, how they would not. More of the *Brave New World* in which we live. Hahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    Very bright art work. And tastefully done.


  3. Great art! It's so colorful. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  4. The horse stands out to me.

    There's a city in southern Ontario called Waterloo, named for your place and the battle.

  5. I didn't know Waterloo in London was named after your Waterloo!
    Glad tags stopped after graffiti is painted. I like the cute birdies :-)

  6. What a clever idea to handover the decoration to street artists.

  7. It's good that the taggers respect the art work which certainly brightens up the station.

  8. That's definitely a creative solution to an eyesore. Somebody hit a home run with that idea.

  9. Very colourful and cheerful!


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