16 Aug 2019


Monday = Scrabble day ! This time at Mireille's who lives in apartment on the 5th floor. She has a big dog a Flat Coat Retriever all black, like the devil if he is black, even the nose is black, so it is very difficult to take a picture of her, she is a girl named Tosca.

And while we played she was laying at the kitchen entrance in the hope somebody would feed her, as her stomach had announced supper time !

Since a couple of month I am looking for a TV furniture, because I am fed up of our old fashioned one, which only has limited space, so we cannot buy a bigger screen. I went to a store, didn't find anything and will look now on Internet. I also did some shopping to prepare a plate for my friends the next day.

Our little group had decided to meet once a week or all 2 weeks. Everybody brings a plate and to drink. This time it was at Monique's and we sat in her Veranda. I had made wraps, filled with goat cheese and salmon. There was Mozzarella with melon, Tuna salad with peaches, little verrines, curry rice salad and cheese and other little specialities.

And we ate nearly the whole food, and had a lot of fun. We arrived at 5 and when we left it was 9.30 pm and for the first time I had to drive in the dark. The days become shorter.

We had a holiday, and there were flea markets or processions a little everywhere, because it was the 15th of August, the day when St. Mary travelled to heaven. Of course in a Catholic country it has to be celebrated. For the News they had interviewed people on the street, asking them why they had a day off, certainly 80 % didn't know about St. Mary and thought all kind of things !

The weather was really bad for a long weekend, lots of people had taken off Friday, there were a lot of things going on like flea markets, processions, or other festivities, but due to the rain, there was not much on the normally huge flea market, and what was there was wet.

Nicole and I decided to go to the restaurant at the Waterloo Lion's hill and watch tourists. And there were quite a lot despite the bad weather. They climbed the 253 steps up to the Lion to have a view over the battle fields.

We sat inside where it was dry the restaurant had been redecorated and looked far better then before. A Napoleon soldier came in to join his family, poor guy wet like a cat.

Talking about cat here is Rosie sleeping on her "Fakir" bed, which is her scratching board, it's the view I have each evening when we watch TV  !

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Tamago said...

Tosca is so huge and beautiful! The dishes everyone brought look so pretty. Glad you had fun time together :-)
Rosie is adorable napping on her special bed!

DUTA said...

I think I've already mentioned on your blog that many years ago i climbed the Lion's Hill. I liked that a lot, and of course the view of Waterloo from the top of it.
You live in a lovely place , and you seem to have a lovely bunch of friends!

susan said...

Shopping is such a pain When we can't find what we want. Good luck in finding something on the Internet.

The food brought to your get together looks amazing. It's lunchtime and my stomach is grumbling.

So sorry the weather was bad for your long weekend. I never knew August 15 is when the St. Mary traveled to Heaven. It's good to know. Now I'm ready in case I ever get interviewed.

Have a great week, Gattina.

William Kendall said...

Tosca and Rosie are both sweeties!

Willow said...

I always learn so much about Brussels and Belgium when I read your blog.
I hope you will soon find the television stand that you want.
Tosca and Rosie are both sweet animals.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh makes me sad all over again that we missed visiting you. Although I am pretty sure we wouldn’t have climbed those steps. If lucky, I would have dropped in instead in time to share that delicious food (Lol)...you ladies know how to live!

Barbara Harper said...

What a nice variety of food at your get-togethers! That's too bad that it rained on the long weekend. I had never heard of that holiday.

Susanne said...

Wow, Tosca is big but looks like a gentle soul. Your goodies look delicious. A shame the long weekend festivities were filled with rain.