10 Jul 2019


It's hot !

more participants here
and Image-in-ing


Tomorrow I will go on this tour ! It's in some way the continuation of the one I had done last year the Northern Tour

I will be away for 11 days ! But I will try to post where I am whenever I find time !


  1. I hope you take lots of lovely photos to share with us! Enjoy.

  2. Hope you enjoy your tour and take lots of photos.

  3. Adorable woofie :-)
    I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!!

  4. Hope you have a lovely time on your trip and can't wait to see the photos.
    Anyhow looks like good puppydog.
    Coffee is on

  5. Have a wonderful time!!!!

    And I disagree about taking lots of pictures. :-) Why do we do that? Why do we view our holiday, through the lens of a camera?

    Why don't we just e-n-j-o-y every minute of holiday...??? We will come back, a lot more refreshed, if we do so.

    And we will have our memories.

    And really, do others, who didn't go, really want to see all the pictures, we take? Do they really? Hmmmmm......

    I know, this is all against the usual vacation plans. And post-vacation blogging. But isn't the holiday, for us? For us to relax? For us to re-charge?

    Why should it include the chore of picture taking?

    Repeat, have a wonnnnnnderful and relaxing trip!!!!

    Be safe!!!!


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