1 Jun 2019


If I remember correctly, the reason we can't hear silence is actually because the brain recognises that there is no sound around us and creates a static sound in your ears in an attempt to fill the void. ... The only people that can hear true silence are those who are deaf but they can feel the vibration when it comes to loud music or other very loud noises like a thunderstorm.

I always sleep with earplugs not due to the noise outside because our street  makes as much noise as a cemetery when there are no ghosts wandering around. That's why I always take earplugs along when I travel because I am so used to silence. With them I don't hear snoring or thunderstorms but my own blood running through my veins and you have to get used to that kind of silence which is in fact not really silent.

I also like the silence around me in a wood or at the beach, but these too are not really silent. In the wood there are the leaves making a noise or birds chirping and at the beach I hear the waves.

So it is right, the total silence exist only when people are deaf.

Linking to Linda G. Hill - Silence

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