26 May 2019


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I had asked Mr. G. at least 3 times during the week, if and when our son is coming to visit him. The answer was always I don't know, until Friday when I heard him telling the male nurse that his son would come the next day.

I had done the shopping for the both of us and nothing else and was in such a state of exhaustion that I couldn't even think how to organize their coming. I was so angry that he had not told me. He probably thinks I am a witch, who clicks with her fingers and everything is done.

Finally I called my son and asked him if they would come for lunch to do the shopping for me, as I really was "out of work" He and Toby finally arrived at 1.30 pm with 2 huge Pizzas, and I was at the end of my strength, because as Mr. G. has become a living watch, he was looking all 5 seconds on his watch, because for him lunch time was at 12 and not a second later. I fed him with a wafel in the meantime and so he was making a big effort to be friendly and welcome them without mentioning the late time !

Finally it was very nice, the Pizzas were very good and we enjoyed our meal.

We updated our son of the last happenings and he put the barrier on the bed again, which Mr. G. had taken off, and that's why he had fallen out of the bed ! He also cleaned the gutters which were full of rotten leaves for which I was very thankful. 

I nearly forgot to take a picture of "my" men. They left us around 4 pm to celebrate the birthday of my son's best friend. Mr. G. was in  a terrible state, he was so tired, that he slept the rest of the  afternoon until I woke him up for supper, which was the last pieces of the Pizza.

Mr. G. when he is tired forgets to tell me things that's how the unexpected visit happened and he also took an appointment for 3 people the doctor, the nurse and the physiotherapist, at the same time ! Fortunately I discovered it in time and called them to fix other appointments. To pay attention to everything is very energy consuming.

The one who didn't cause any problems, was Toby.  He helped me with the plates and cutlery, and then watched a bit TV. He had played football (soccer) in the morning in Amsterdam, then the route to Brussels, he needed some rest, at least this was the excuse to watch TV.

It seems to me that he had grown again. It was a pity that I felt  so weak and had to replace myself by the TV. Hopefully it will get better with the time, when Mr. G. has found his way to know his limits. For the moment I feel like a car without petrol !

Really happy is cat Arthur, who was sitting between father and son and checked everything what father put in his mouth, even the alcohol free beer !


  1. Arthur definitely likes the company.

  2. Your men are good looking and kind! The two pizzas have saved the situation of your being exhausted and rather angry for not being pre-informed by Mr G of your son's - grandson's visit.
    All's well that ends well, as they say.

  3. Arthur is a pretty cat and that was nice family visited even if stressful for you not being told in advance.

  4. It all worked out well in the end and your son was such a good help bringing lunch and doing some jobs for you.

  5. You sound exhausted. Good thinking to get your son to bring some lunch over. Hopefully Mr G will be back to his old self soon and you can have a well deserved holiday.

  6. Arthur is a very cute kitty! Hope you have a fab week!


    Basil & The B Team x

  7. Awww on that good looking kitty. What a delight. I'm tired just reading about how tired you both were. It's so hard when we get older to do all the things we used to do.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday, Gattina. ♥

  8. oh my goodness! I haven't seen your blog forever! Glad to happen upon you today! Get some rest tonight! cheers!

  9. Your three men of different generations look wonderful together! Hopefully you'll feel rested and more energized soon, not just for Mr G. but also for you!


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