30 May 2019


Mr. G. badly needed new slippers as one was broken. This was an opportunity to pull me out of the house and I went to the shoe shop. I found very nice once, also tried a pair of nice silvery shoes for me, but then didn't buy them, paid the slippers and went to my car. Then I made the normal shopping, for the first time in nearly 50 years of marriage I have to buy breakfast stuff for Mr. G. he never had breakfast as long as I know him. But he had  cigarettes. Now during the long stay in hospital, where he couldn't smoke, he gave up and didn't even suffer ! Not to start again I fill him up with 2 waffles, and a ready breakfast pot with yogurt and cereals. No place for cigarettes anymore !

When I came home I realized that I had forgotten the slippers in the shop. I called and yes I had paid and generously left them on the counter !

On Tuesday for the first time Mr. G. went out, took a cane along just in case, because at home he does walk without crutches or cane. He went to the pharmacy and some other places and came back quite proud, but tired. Slowly, slowly he gets back to normal, while I am still like an empty shell which I hope to fill with the time.

The next day I went to pick up his slippers and at the same time I also bought the shoes I had flirted with the day before ! Although I am not a shoe fan, when I saw the once I wore, I thought I look like a homeless. At home I throw them away ! Not the new once of course.

I met with Myriam to see the exhibition of a Waterloo artist, who does wooden sculptures and paintings which we wanted to see. They were really very beautiful !

There were quite a few people there for a middle of the week to admire the artwork. He really made wood alive and you could think that the persons he created were almost alive.

The exhibition had made us thirsty and as the sun was shining we sat here on the terrace of the "Six Colonnes", a very old Brasserie of Waterloo.

Thursday was a holiday and we didn't have our painting class. Instead we went to a Turkish restaurant, as it was rainy and windy and had a very nice meal !

The Turkish owner and the personnel were very funny and friendly and they gave us such big portions that we could hardly eat them !

Mr G meanwhile had his first Whist afternoon after nearly 3 month. He was very happy to see his Whist friends again and also that he managed to drive there and climb up the entrance for handicapped people, the stairs were too high for him.

I ended the day with an invitation of my helper and friend Isabelle who had 2 cards for a very funny movie. That's what I needed ! She knew it ! So we went together and the movie was really very good and we laughed the whole time.

Laughing is the  best therapy when you are down !

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