29 Oct 2018


It started to get cold to very cold 3°C (37 F) in the morning ! Last week we were still in the 20° ! This sudden change made me freeze, despite heating and two thick pullovers plus a blanket while watching TV. Mr. G. who has difficulties with the temperature changes and dresses for the Northpole when it's hot and a little T-shirt when it's freezing, caught a cold and spent most of the time in his bed !

Now  and a few weeks ago

And as usual when somebody around me has a cold, I feel obliged to get it too and was coughing.  I took some wonder pills and today it's better. Therefore I didn't go out and that was good, because the whole Saturday morning I spent to get my Gmail back ! I had realized that I didn't get any emails not even the comments or spams just nothing. Instead there was a red line above the email page

You can't send or receive emails because your're out of storage space. Try freeing up space or purchasing additional storage. I had this sentence for at least 2 months and as nothing happened I thought it was maybe an error, until yesterday. My private gmail worked perfectly. I got very angry paying for using gmail because of photo storage ?? what was that ? I had never asked for Google Drive or Google photos, it just had come with Window 10. I googled for help, didn't get the right one, I clicked on everything and finally I had the right page (after 3 hours) there it was written :

"Compress your photos or purchase more storage" ! Of course I clicked on "compress" had to wait an hour and then my gmail worked again and the Google photos looked as before. The Drive I had emptied before.

I just did my Blog work and after that I had enough of computers and watched TV while doing the laundry ! Nice to be a modern woman !

Arthur and Rosie had no other choice then to get used to the fact that their old sofas had disappeared and reluctantly sleep now on what is available !

During the night we got the so said "Daylight saving time" ! I wonder what we save ? When you get up early you need light because it is dark and when you come home in the evening from work its dark again. Strange way to save electricity !

Sunday I wanted to go to the market but it was so cold and windy that I preferred to stay home and "attack" my post about Warsaw, slowly I approach the end of my big tour around the Northern Countries. It was quite some work  because there were so many buildings I didn't remember what it was and I had to google to get my post together.

Then I had enough and went to Nicole, who found this Sunday very boring too. As she wanted to do some changes in her Facebook page and learn how to put pictures from the camera to the computer we were busy, but still had time for a coffee and a piece of cake.

Isis helped us !


jennyfreckles said...

I find it so hard to adapt to the sudden change in temperature. I've bought a heated throw, like an electric blanket but for using when you're sitting. It's very cosy. Glad you got your GMail sorted out. It makes me cross when things change even though you don't want them.

Maribeth said...

Our clocks change next weekend. I hate it when the clocks change. Actually, I would prefer to stay on Daylight Savings Time all the time. Bu then, no one asks me!
It's another cold day here. Gray too. I miss the sun!

William Kendall said...

I'd prefer to get rid of daylight savings once and for all. Our province of Saskatchewan doesn't have it.

Tamago said...

Glad you got your Gmail back! It’s frustrating when it doesn’t work as it should.
Looks like Arthur and Rosie found good alternative :-)

mamasmercantile said...

Glad you managed to get Gmail back you do so much better than me, I always have to get family to help.

Penelope Notes said...

Oh gosh, technology can be SO frustrating. Sometimes things can appear (or disappear) out of left field and it takes days to find solutions, if ever. Glad you got through it all and even enjoyed a piece of cake at the end. :)

Andrew said...

Interesting about gmail. I was not aware that you can compress. You can just delete photos if you don't want them stored by Google.

That really is a dramatic temperature change. I would not like it.