15 Oct 2018


This is the weather map of Belgium ! In October 24°C (75F) in some places even more ! Although everybody says that it is unusual which is true I don't complain !

and Rosie either

Our Electricity company had informed us that on Monday we will be in the dark, which means no electricity at all in the morning from 8 am til 1 pm ! When you get an information like this you realize how depended we are on electricity. We have to open all the shutters before 8 am, not open the freezer and coffee ??  Do I have to heat water over a candle ? I will make the coffe before 8 and put it in a thermos ! But the worst was organize my weekend. All computer work has to be done before Monday.

Therefore I started on Saturday to prepare my post for Our World Tallinn (Estonia) and a few other posts for my photo blog. In the afternoon I had to buy some strange things for my new painting technique "pouring" i.e. a straw, (there were only a package of 200 available !) a scraper, cooking paper, plastic cups and a little pot which doesn't let in air. I found a little box for kids with "Cinderella" on it, which will do the job and keep my colors fresh.

On my way back I stopped at a friend and we talked about our forthcoming exhibition, because she is in charge of the shopping of drinks and snacks for our visitors.

The Belgian Tourist Federation for Brabant/Wallon has sent me the pictures on which I pose for the next year's brochure.

Sunday I went for a little walk to the market it was such a nice weather and as it was voting day in Belgium for new mayors there was a lot of traffic on the roads, worse than during the week and the market was packed too. I didn't find anything to buy and returned home.

The afternoon I continued my computer work but also spent some time in the basement to choose the paintings I need for the exhibition. My neighbor came over and asked me if I could take care of her two cats, over next weekend, of course I do that with pleasure. It's not a big work I have to go there once in the morning and once in the evening, the cats have a catflap and can go in and out just like they want. 


Fun60 said...

Our weather changed yesterday from blue skies to grey skies full of rain. I will be interested to see which photo they will choose for the brochure. Good luck with your exhibiion, I know you all do so much work to get it ready in time.

Tamago said...

We are very much dependent on electricity. I keep thinking about getting generator in case of blackout but haven't done so. I love the photos from the brochure. They look wonderful!

William Kendall said...

The market looks well stocked!

Our municipal elections are coming up later in the month. I've already voted at an advance poll.

Penelope Notes said...

When electricity stops, that’s when I, too, realize how incredibly dependent we are on this fantastic invention. So many little and ordinary functions seem to rely on it. I sometimes wonder what we are missing, however, and what other ways we would find to get through the days were it not for this all-encompassing marvel of science.

mamasmercantile said...

It is amazing just how much we rely on electricity, but you sound as if you prepared well.

Loree said...

You are now officially famous. Enjoy the warm weather.

Wendy said...

At least you have notice of no electricity and can be prepared. Good luck with the exhibition.

Tanza Erlambang - Every Day Issues said...

I love 24 C.
Good luck with your exhibition.