19 Oct 2018


Following the letter of the Electricity company, that there would be no electricity on Monday morning, Mr. G. got up in the early hours to open the electric shutters, make coffee put it in a thermos, and then quickly went "working" on his computer while there was still electricity.

I jumped in my clothes and went to the Medical Center for blood analysis. The nurse filled in 6 small glass tubes, it was as if I had had the visit of Dracula.

As I they also needed an uric test, but nobody had told me, I had to go to Nicole who lives nearby to drink two coffees and wait a bit. She wasn't dressed yet and we chatted and played with little cat Isis and then I returned to the nurse and gave her the plastic beaker and finally drove home. I was expecting to be without electricity, but we had taken all these precautions for nothing, because the electricity was working the whole day ! I was a bit angry because it had turned my whole program upside down.

Each time when we say that it will be the last time that we can play our scrabble on the terrace, it was even warmer then the rest of the week we had again 24° (75 F). If it continues like that we can do like the Australians and make a barbecue at the beach on Christmas ! This time it was Nicole who lost and not me !!

Ilona had been in Spain for two weeks and was back, so I paid her a little visit and admired her new leather sofa and armchair. We both needed a change after 30 years sitting on the same thing !
The scouts who wanted to take my old sofas suddenly didn't want them anymore, which made me really angry. But I put a photo on Facebook for different organizations and not even 10 min after I had published them they were already gone. Friday they will be picked up. Of the 5 others who called later I kept the number just in case !

We worked the whole morning on Thursday to prepare our Exposition for this weekend. Fortunately a young man helped us with the panels because they are quite heavy and then we had to put on chains and hooks to hang up the pictures ! Finally at noon we finished !

I got a phone call from the lady who wanted our sofas, she asked if she could pick up them one day earlier ! I happily agreed ! It couldn't go quick enough to get rid of these old things !

I took the last picture as a memory, then when one Sofa was gone Arthur squatted the second but had to leave and now we have a nice pic nic place in our living room which suddenly seems very huge !

Even Mr. G. was nearly happy, he doesn't like changes, just like cat Arthur and Rosie but they are not happy at all ! They seem a little lost without the sofa and only garden furniture.

more participants at Susanne at Living to tell the Story.

Now we are waiting for the new once !!


Mara said...

So, when will you get your new sofas?

Maribeth said...

I told Jack I want new furniture for my birthday! I am hoping he will take me out soon so I can shop. I would love to get a sectional with recliners, and then a chair for him. That would be ideal! But he dislikes change so it will be like pulling teeth!

William Kendall said...

Cats don't take to changes with happiness, that's for sure.

Tamago said...

I hope your new sofas will arrive soon and kitties will approve :-) And I hope you'll get a good result for your blood analysis!

mamasmercantile said...

Wonderful that you managed to get rid of the old furniture so quickly. When will your new sofas arrive?

Fun60 said...

I'm sure Arthur can't wait for the new furniture. I laughed about you going for your blood tests as I am going on Monday morning for mine. It seems I am just following in your footsteps again!

Barbara H. said...

Loved the comics! It does feel like they take an awful lot of blood. Hope all your tests come out ok. I'm glad things eventually worked out for someone to take your sofas, and I hope the new ones come in soon!

diane b said...

Hope the medical tests are for nothing serious. Hope you will be happy with new furniture. We bought new sofa and reclining chairs when we moved here. However, we are not happy with the new ones. We tried them out in the shop and they seemed comfy but now after a year they are still not as comfy as the old ones, but they cost so much that we can't really change them again.

Willow said...

Well, the not loss of electricity is a good thing. I don't like having to reset all the clocks. Actually The Professor does that.
I know you'll love your new sofas when they arrive. I hope the cats do too.
I hope your tests are all normal and everything is fine.

Wendy said...

I hope they don't pick another time to leave you with no electricity or that you have to wait too long for the sofas. Your cats will not be happy!

susan said...

Hurray you got your art show all set up. I hope you had a great crowd. Is this one where you sell your pieces? That was good fortune that a young man was available to move the heavier items.

That is great that you didn't lose at Scrabble. We should place bets as to whether you'll play this week or not. ;)

The cartoons were funny.
I hope your week is great, Gattina.

Susanne said...

One step closer to the new sofas getting to your livingroom. Cats don't take well to change in their lounging areas, do they? LOL.

cocoya said...

It's hard to come by educated people about this topic, but you sound like you know what you're talking about! Thanks