31 Aug 2018


Photo memes are here

Meanwhile it is one week that I am home again, and I have to say that the first two days I felt like a fish in the water, but then all the accumulated fatigue  came out  as now I feel like a marmot, without any energy ! Twice I fell asleep watching TV which usually never happens ! I gather all my energy I have left to  use for my photos and of course the strictly necessary household scores.

I am really happy that I have done this tour, it will be probably the last big one. From now on I have to choose smaller once  to still see a little bit of the world.

I continued to sort out my photos, and I get new once from my travel friends who had taken pictures of me.

Summer seems to be over, at least Mr. G. put the ventilator away, this year we won't need it anymore.

Work done for this year

A few of our painting class met to paint although there are no classes because there are still school holidays in Belgium. School starts Monday, as the first of September is a Saturday.

Our Facebook group "Vivre à Waterloo" (Living in Waterloo) has organized a "Country Evening" in a restaurant at the end of the month

We wanted to "test" the restaurant as my friends had never been there and for me it was a long time ago when we celebrated our son's birthday.

The lunch was excellent, and the restaurant huge, enough space for everybody ! It certainly will be a nice evening.

Maybe for the last time this year we could play scrabble at Nicole's on her terrace and it was nice and warm outside. Her little cat Isis cross eyed at us, poor thing had fallen from a wall inside while sleeping and had broken her hind paw.

Fortunately tomorrow the bandage will be taken off.

I must admit it's hard to get back to routine life, my head is still full of memories of the beautiful things I have seen.

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  1. You had quite an experience!

    Isis is a cutie.

  2. Isis is such a pretty cat. Sadly Shibella died suddenly two days ago.

  3. I think any time we get out of our normal routine it is hard to get back to it. I'm glad that you are taking it a bit slow. I enjoyed all of your beautiful pictures, Gatina!

  4. It gets harder and harder to get back to routine even for the small trips we take (nothing compared to your travels).... that will be a great place for your FB group to meet. And, by the way, your hair looks great!!!

  5. I always have a hard time after any kind of outing. I am sure a trip like that would do me in for days. The Country Evening sounds like fun. Good idea to rest out the restaurant first. I am glad it worked out well!

  6. Enough memories to get you through the coming cold months.

  7. It's always hard to get back into normal routines after a break. I need to catch up with your travel log - have been away this past week with very poor wifi.

  8. I think we call it 'post holiday blues'. I've experienced it, but not for a long time. Nowadays, I am usually very pleased to get home. The Country Evening dinner should be terrific.

  9. Even as a coach driver and used to such long trips, I wouldn't think I would like to have done yours. As a driver or a passenger! But the things you saw were really lovely and I would love to see some photos on this blog.

    Poor puss! Falling off a wall. I hope she will be completely fine again once the cast comes off.

  10. After a trip, I always feel exhausted and have no energy for a while. I hope you recover soon :-)
    I’m so sorry Isis broke her paw! Poor baby. I hope her paw will heal quickly. xo

  11. I was "out of town" on Tuesday and never caught up with energy or anything else for the rest of the week! Sorry about Isis' accident, glad the bandage comes off tomorrow. Incredible that you packed away your ventilator [fan] this week; I packed away my electric heater!

  12. I can imagine how difficult it must be to get back in the swing of things when you come back from a big holiday like that. Fall definitely seems to be on it's way here, though typically, we will get what they call Indian Summer where the temperature will once again get in the high 20's, sometimes low 30's *C, but the nights will cool right off. We had a nip of frost already and some of the big trees on the boulevard are already turning yellow!

  13. Poor Isis; glad to hear his bandage is coming off soon.
    Every time I read about your Scrabble group, I think I'd like to be part of one. That idea is going on my To-Do list.
    Going on a tour is hard work. I can see why you are still recuperating. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.
    I hope you feel more energetic this week.

  14. Oh I know that feeling of 'still being on holiday' but you're back home. I hope you can settle in soon. It does take a while.

    Poor Isis! I hope she heals quickly!


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