26 Aug 2018


Routine life should have started, but I still feel as if I wasn't completely here !

The first thing I did when I came home was going to the hairdresser I thought I looked like a witch, only the broom was missing. In fact it was not missing but I didn't fly on it !


After that I felt a little better. I am still surprised that I, that lazy girl who doesn't like to walk made 177 km ! Everybody knowing me made eyes like my Rosie

and just can't believe it.

Meanwhile I had my suitcase unpacked and the laundry done, but the clothes are still in the basket, I have to fold them and I hate doing it. So I wait that a friendly ghost comes over night and will fold it ! As Mr. G. has two left hands and my cats refuse to work, I think at the end it will be me !

These are the pictures of my trip ! I think it must be well over 1600 ! Probably I have pictures in double and triple and of course I don't remember the places. It's all mixed up in my head !

I fear it will take some time until I get some order in this mess. I need them for my travel blog.

Finally I had enough of thinking what and how to do with all these pictures and followed Nicole for an afternoon drink. We ended up at the Waterloo Lion mount and to our surprise there was a dog festival there !

We sat down on the terrace of the Brasserie, it was a bit cold, but we watched the dog owners, and thought that we had never seen so many dogs of all kinds together !

So the day went by and I hope from tomorrow on I will be a bit more organized !


William Kendall said...

Lots of wagging tails at Waterloo!

It does take time to settle in after vacation.

Loree said...

Welcome home. It's so hard to get back into a routine. We leave for our vacation on Tuesday - a bit late this year but better late than never.

Tamago said...

Hahaha I love Rosie's face expression!
I biggified the photos to see them better. Love them - looks fantastic! I hate folding clothes, too. So I hang or pile most of them. One day I will fold them..one day :-)

Linens and Royals said...

I enjoyed your holiday posts but am pleased I didn't have to walk 177 KM with you.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

That really was a lot of steps. We went away for ten days and when we got back it took me two to do the laundry! The blessing and curse of a digital camera are the same thing .... so many pictures!! And I know what you mean about forgetting where you were... when we went on our Canal cruise it took me weeks to sort out what was where.

Mara said...

Unless you get everything sorted there and then, it can be a bit daunting afterwards. Glad you made it back in one piece though, even if you are still not completely yourself.

Maribeth said...

I started to put my pictures in files each day while on vacation. And I tried to keep a small notepad in my purse. My brain retains almost nothing!