16 Apr 2018


The gardener came with 10 packages of bark to cover the piece of garden on the side of the house. He first he cleaned the ground and made it even, then he covered it with a tarpaulin, so that no weeds could grow. And then he put the bark.

Now I just have to put my cat statues and a flower pot and it will look great. At least something done. The do it yourself time is unfortunately over. For me all this would have been too heavy and Mr. G. with his arthritis is handicapped too. Fortunately the guy was very honest in his price and I am sure it will not be the last time I have to call him. I found him through Facebook ! Sometimes Facebook is good !

Mr. G. had his 77 birthday and we celebrated with a chocolate mousse cake.

Of course Bunny celebrated with us as they are born on the same day and the same year ! We had a very nice afternoon and the cake was delicious.

While we were watching the News, suddenly a thunderstorm arrived and it hailed terribly. Our terrace and the garden looked as if it had snowed. We had no damages but in Waterloo there was also flooding, restaurants and streets and the fire service had a lot to do.

My hibiscus plant honnored us with another flower, it's always one at the time looks beautiful, but only lasts one day.

My cleaning lady had crocheted a bed cover for me some time ago, and now for Mr. G's birthday she
had crocheted this one. Of course cat Arthur had to inaugurate the cover. Isn't it pretty. 

My seven year old grandson Toby had made a painting in the style of the painter Keith Haring  at school. It had such a success that it is used in merchandising and printed on mugs, table sets, etc.

You can imagine that we are very proud. My DIL helped of course, she also has an artistic talent.


  1. Yes, there comes a time when you realise that some things you can no longer do and need to employ experts. I like Mr G's birthday cake. Not so much his cleaner made bed cover.

  2. We do all our own yard work (LOL)...it is easy when you have no grass or garden ...one of the big reasons we like the way we live is the low maintenance. We had a big rainstorm here in Florida yesterday, but today it is bright sunshine again ....rain never lasts long here, as opposed to Oregon . Congratulations to Toby!

  3. The garden work is looking wonderful, we all have to employ somebody now and again. Beautiful crochet blanket, such a lovely gift.

  4. It helps to be able to call people in to do that sort of thing. Arthur looks comfortable.

  5. Looks like Mr. G and Bunny had a great birthday! The chocolate mousse cake looks so pretty! And what a sweet gift from your cleaning lady. It's a such beautiful bed cover. Love Toby's painting!

  6. Arthur said he approves of the blanket. The chocolate mousse cake looks delicious. That is great that Toby has such an artistic nature.


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