20 Apr 2018


Chantal my friend who lives in the next big town Nivelles had invited me for a coffee and cake

It had been a long time I haven't been in her home some things have changed but it was good to see that the garden started blooming and her two dogs are now quiet old gentlemen in their 11th.

We have new neighbors since last October but haven't seen them only a few times. Fortunately they are a very nice and friendly, a couple with 3 children  but already grown up, 18, 16 and 12. First I thought they would be noisy but not at all not even music. It almost looks like an empty house.

Probably that will change now when they can sit outside.

I found a football in our garden and saw the whole family eating outside. I said hello and gave back the ball.  He asked me to wait a minute and came back with this delicious plate, specialities from Lebanon. They live since years in Belgium. Mr. G. was pleased and found it very good.

From one day to the other we went from winter to summer with temperatures around 25°C (77F). Mr. G. uncovered the garden furniture and our cleaning lady cleaned them. I also "planted" a few fake flowers in the pots nobody ever realizes that they are not real and admire that they always bloom so nicely and I am happy not to water them !

Now we have to do the front garden.

I went again to our Asiatic Restaurant where I had been last week, but we were both disappointed, the food was too spicy and I had the impression that I would spit fire if somebody lightened my breath. Couldn't even eat it all ! The new cook is too Asiatic he should spice the food a little less and those who like it spicy could add the sauce ! But the sun was shining and we could eat outside in the garden.It had been one of our favourite restaurant but if they don't change we won't return there.

Now the furniture is clean and we are ready to sit outside. Even cat Kim enjoys the warm sunshine.

We also had our Scrabble afternoon this time I lost again and dog Tosca supervised the game ! And of course wanted a piece of our strawberry cake ! It became so hot on the balcony that we had to go inside. It's never right or it is too cold or too hot !

We also had our feet nails done by a pedicure because it is too difficult for us too reach our feet. Cat Arthur watched and checked our feet afterwards.

Tomorrow I am off to my friend Claudie in the South of France as I do each year, except last year where it wasn't possible. Now that the weather is nice in the north it's cooler in the south and there is the big question : I don't know what to take along !

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Faith said...

Sounds like a lovely week. Quiet neighbors are always a blessing and that plate of food looks good!!
Yay for wRmer temps and sunshine. We are still at temps only in the low 50s here in eastern NY ( Fahrenheit) supposed to feel like spring on Sunday. I'll be.ieve it when i feel it!!

mamasmercantile said...

Nice to have such good neighbours, the plate of food looks wonderful. How generous of them, a lovely neighbourly gesture. Have a good weekend.

William Kendall said...

The dogs are adorable- and so is Arthur.

Tamago said...

Ooh the dish from your neighbor looks so delicious! Sounds like they are really nice people :-)
I hope you’ll have a fun and safe trip to South of France!

A Colorful World said...

Wonderful place to enjoy your time! How nice of that family to share their meal with you. Looks delicious!

Wendy said...

Hasn't it been lovely to have the sun! I hope you enjoy the south of France.

Barbara H. said...

My husband would probably love the Lebanese food and the spicy Asain dishes - he loves trying new things and loves hot, spicy food. It's so nice to be able to sit outside again! Have fun in France!

Willow said...

I love hummus so I think I'd like the Lebanese food. Although I lived in Indonesia for years, I don't like spicy food.
I'm glad you are getting more sunshine and I hope it continues to be nice in the south of France, too.

diane b said...

Nice to see you can play outside again.

Susanne said...

Well it certainly looks like spring around your area now. So nice to get the outdoor areas cleaned up to use. That was my plan for this weekend. What a sweet dish your neighbor handed you. Looks delicious. That's too bad about your fave restaurant. Did you mention to them it was too spicy? Enjoy your trip and visit in France.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I'm sure you're having a great time in France as I write this!

Does your pedicure person come to your house? That's really a nice thing.