12 Mar 2018


Saturday was a real lazy day, where I didn't dare to go out because it was so wet and I am still a little anxious that my breathing problems come back. Since I have been at the Red Sea in Egypt, I have nothing anymore and don't whistle like an old locomotive when I come up the stairs.

But in the evening we had super show at the theatre in the Waterloo city hall. It was as usual for the seniors.

This time it was a show with the very famous (in French speaking countries) press cartoonist Pierre Kroll.

The theatre was full ! Nobody wanted to miss him.

His political cartoons are hilarious and so true. He has a very sharp humor and makes humor out of the most dramatic things. He is for no religion, for no extremists whatsoever and not a racist either. In the beginning of the show he told us that he was  born in the at that time "Belgian Congo" and of course surrounded by black people, far more then whites. When the family had to go back to Belgium at the Congo's independence he was a 3 year old toddler and traumatized by the fact that there were more white than black people and he had never seen so many and not even one black ! He therefore cried and cried and his parents had all difficulties of the world to comfort him.

It was a very funny show and our bellies hurt so much we laughed, as the whole audience did.

Of course we couldn't end the evening just like that it was early only 8 pm, therefore we decided to go into a nearby located restaurant in a tiny little street in Waterloo center.

The food there is excellent and we enjoyed the evening very much.

Of course it rained on Sunday morning when I had the intention to go to the midi market in Brussels, where I hadn't been since at least a year. So I stayed home and computered.

and while looking out of my window for inspiration, I saw quite a lot of bikers, because it had cleared up. Ever since the Waterloo Newspaper had declared that it is very dangerous to ride a bike in the city, our street has become a favorite target for bikers as there is nearly no traffic in this street and the streets around. I almost felt like little Amsterdam !

When I had finished with everything I had to do on the computer and in the house,

I watched funny crime stories on TV. Arthur slept on my lap and I took the opportunity to make a punk out of him. He didn't care !



 cat eye

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Lea said...

A fun weekend!
I don't think I can make my cats' hair stand up like that, but I am going to try it
Hope you have a good week!

Andrew said...

I understand about the cartoonist's issues with white people. When we holidayed in Vietnam we must have become so used to shorter black haired people. It was a bit freaky on our way home at Bangkok Airport to see all these strange fair haired and tall people, never mind that we are exactly that.

Fun60 said...

The theatre looked a fun trip. Let's hope the weather settles soon and you can get out and about a bit more.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Even your quiet weekends are filled with adventures and delights! The cartoonist sounds like a very interesting gentleman -- and it is neat that he's a good speaker as well as a good political cartoonist.

Loree said...

Arthur the punk :) The weather is so strange. It felt like May here last weekend but it's cooling down a bit again, which is good. Hopefully some of our warm weather will travel to Belgium.

Tamago said...

Oh my goodness, punk Arthur! LOL he is sooo cute!