16 Mar 2018


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This time our weekly scrabble was at Mireille's home.

Her dog Tosca had a surgery nothing very serious but has to wear this very elegant T-shirt, so she doesn't leak her wounds. Of course she took the opportunity to ask for cake, as she was soooo sick !
As usual we had a very nice afternoon.

Nicole is full of energy since our Egyptian holidays and wants to do a lot of changes in her apartment, and replace or repaint her furniture. So after lunch we went into a furniture store where she was looking for a cabinet with an built in bed ! These kind of cabinets you find easily in Germany or Holland because the rooms are so small but not in Belgium.

Something like this, because she has no extra bed for visitors and I told her if ever I have to spend a night at friends I couldn't even come and knock at her door ! Unfortunately we found nothing and probably have to go to Ikea, they are specialized in furniture for very small rooms.

Our aqua gym animator (a young man)  was in great shape, too much for us vintage ladies, so we asked him if he had taken some energy pills or drinks ! He replied that he doesn't need it but we do ! We had a lot of fun but the next day I realized that I had used muscles which apparently I don't move normally and it hurt a bit. Good for the health !

For the moment in our painting class quite a lot of students are missing. Two "girls" have cancer, and are absent of course  One is our teacher and with her there is no hope anymore and she is in palliative care. We are all very sad. She is such a sweet and nice lady and was such a good teacher. All we can do is call her and cheer her up. I only hope that the other will recover.

We have a roller coaster weather and therefore a lot of sick people. The flew came back and lots of people have bronchitis. The temperatures are zig zagging between 13°C and - 6° ! Each time when we think that winter is over it starts to freeze again !
Everybody is so fed up ! It seems so long this year.

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Lady Fi said...

Love views from the plane and what a sweet dog.

Lea said...

Great sky shots!
Sorry to hear of your teacher's cancer. Phone calls and visits will mean so much to her. And mail cards to her. When I was so sick, my friends sent lots of cards. My husband hung them on the wall near my bed so I could see them

William Kendall said...

Gorgeous views!

Tamago said...

Tosca is such a cute woofie! Sorry to hear she had surgery. I hope she heals quickly!
And I'm so sorry to hear about two ladies from your painting class. Your phone calls and cheering would definitely help.

Müge said...

Beautiful shots from the airplane window! And Tosca is a lovely dog! But I am sorry to hear about your classmate and teacher who have cancer ... I hope a miracle will happen and both will recover!

Barbara H. said...

My husband wants a fold-up bed like that in our spare room some day. That's a cute swim class picture. That's sad about the painting teacher. I hope your springtime weather comes along very soon.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Love those window seat shots!!

Fun60 said...

Those are great shots from the plane. This weather is driving me mad. Just when you think Spring is finally here, the snow and ice is back.

diane b said...

sorry to hear the weather is not the best. It is still hot here and cyclones have come late this year. Poor old Darwin has been hit hard again. I hope Nicole finds a suitable bed.

Wendy said...

Lovely photos. Sorry to hear about your art class ladies. I hope the group will continue. Yes the weather is awful. We had snow again this weekend - we were away in Norfolk - and when we came home the house was really cold. Took ages to warm up.