28 Aug 2017


I had a nice warm weekend with an anniversary celebration of our Facebook group "Vivre à Waterloo" (Living in Waterloo)

Meanwhile I had found out that it is not all bad about Facebook, I was the first to pretend it and refused to become a member. Then I was "forced" to subscribe to be able to see the photos of my grandson, and just used it for this purpose. Ever since I am member in my group I think it's great. There are so many helpful people and if I have a problem I just ask and there is always somebody to help.

This weekend we celebrated the third anniversary of the group. Here I am with Monique our friend and apparently am surprised when I saw the cake !

One of our group member had baked and decorated this masterpiece ! I told her she could open a bakery ! Phil the founder of the group was really touched.

After the supper we ate the cake as dessert ! It was delicious !  We could stay outside the whole evening for once it was warm !

Inspector Butch was there too, he is a 12 year old police dog and had worked for the Waterloo police for 10 years. Now he is retired and lives with Phil. On his "scarface" you can see the signs of a hard life ! He was very friendly and didn't even check us for bombs or drugs !

Ever since I have a smartphone which is not very long ago, I get updated about the life of 6 1/2 year old Toby, my grandson. For the moment he is in Bali with his parents and apparently has a lot of fun ! I think Whatsapp is a great invention, it allows far living grandmas to participate in the life of their grandchildren. Apparently he likes to play chess !

Sunday was a fleamarket in the city center and the shops open they had put out their last summer stuff. I only saw it from the car, from far, I had no intention to go there. Instead I met with Nicole in Braine the next little town on the market, because  she wanted to buy a cardigan. Of course she couldn't find the cardigan she wanted but bought a blouse, a T-Shirt and trousers ! It didn't ruin her because each piece was for 5 € ! I also found a T-shirt and bought it because of the inscription on the front "The rebel in you will never die" ! which I think is the truth.

We then had lunch in a Greek restaurant and it was very good before we went home. I spent the rest of the day on the terrace, while the cats slept under different bushes and Mr. G. was glued on the TV for Formular 1 ! That's the one and only sport show he watches on TV.

and it was even in Belgium in Francorchamps.


more participants here


diane b said...

That was a huge cake. It must have been a fun get together. Its good that you can keep in contact with Toby and family. I can think of better places than Bali. Its where all the wild bad mannered young people from Australia go for holidays.

Tamago said...

Happy 3 year anniversary to your FB group! That cake looks majestic. The decoration is superb!
Sounds like your grandson Toby is having a wonderful time in Bali. I got whatsapp, too, when my father finally got a smartphone. I really love it :-)

Blogoratti said...

What a lovely event that must have been, lots of fun and activities I would think. Congrats and best wishes.

mamasmercantile said...

What a wonderful event, the cake was indeed a masterpiece. Such an uplifting post, it was a joy to visit.

carol l mckenna said...

Grandson is adorable ~ handsome ~ wonderful macro shots of the lily ~ ^_^


claudie cartereau said...

What a great time you had with the Waterloo group ! I have recognised Monique just before reading your blog ! The police dog is nice too !