25 Aug 2017


1. My intention was to make a cosy day with myself and the cats. But then I got a message that the Italian Mokka which I had ordered had arrived and I could pick it up. The one we had before was red and one day it made boom the whole house was without electricity, there was water which had found its way into the wires and had caused this little explosion. First I thought of a terrorist attack, but then I saw that the TV didn't work anymore and it was clear that it was the electricity. Of course the coffee pot didn't work anymore and as I can't find these kind of coffee pots in the shops I ordered it from Internet.

The one I had before was red, but this one would do it too. It just makes two Espressi for us. I tried it out and it worked perfectly.

2. The pick up point for the coffee pot was just behind Nicole's apartment in a private house and I took the opportunity to visit her and tell her all about my holidays in Holland. The sun had come out and we could sit on her terrace and had a cup of coffee. (A normal one) Nicole pretends she would get a heart attack with my strong espresso !

3. My friend Bunny (that's her nickname) has moved near Waterloo, so now we can see each other more often she had lived for 40 years in Charleroi which is about 70 km from here. But as her whole family lives in Waterloo, she decided to also move to Waterloo.Besides she couldn't keep her house alone anymore with this big garden. We had decided to see the "Diana Fashion Show" in London and had to book our hotel and train tickets. After a nice meal with Mussels and Belgian fries we went to my house and ordered the tickets. There are so many people who want to see Diana's clothes that you have to order your tickets long before.

4. After 4 weeks of suffering because my cleaning lady had been on holidays for one month, she finally came back and freed me from this burden. As usual she had brought us nice gifts, a beautiful necklace for me and a box of chocolates for Mr. G. and this beautiful frame.

I think it is tinted sand in water and when you turn the frame around it gives you all kind of forms which you can interpret like you want. The colors and the different effects are beautiful. I have told her already so many times not to buy gifts for us, but there is nothing to do, she insists. So today I wore the new necklace.

I had an appointment with an eye surgeon because my eye doctor had detected cataract in both eyes. Last year I had nothing and it suddenly appeared in one year. I had noticed that I had difficulties to read the subtitles on TV.  As half of my painting class had recommended me this Doctor, I thought he must be good otherwise half of the class would be blind by now.


This time it was me to receive my scrabble group and we had a very difficult game ! usually we play 3 times this time only 1 and that interrupted by coffee and cake because we needed a break. And oh miracle I was second ! Usually I am the second from the end ! We had a nice afternoon but not my neighbors because we were quite noisy !

more participants at Susanne at Living to tell the Story.


Andrew said...

We had one of those sand frames and I loved playing with it, but eventually the liquid evaporated. What a kind cleaning lady you have, but bringing you back gifts is the least she could do after deserting you for a month and making you do all the nasty housework.

Faith said...

sounds and looks like you had a great week! viewing Diana's clothes????? WHY?????

Tamago said...

I love the frame your cleaning lady got for you! It's beautiful and she is a very sweet lady :-)
Please take good care of your eyes. Glad you have a good surgeon. Have a wonderful weekend! xo

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

That was nice of your cleaning lady to get you gifts.You are so lucky to have a cleaning lady.

Susanne said...

I have never seen a coffee pot like that. Glad you were able to get one to replace the one that blew up. A girl cannot go long without her coffee!!

Nice to have your friend move closer to you. I'm sure you will have fun at the Fashion Show. It would be kinda interesting to see those iconic clothes in real life.

Susan said...

Having a working coffee pot is a necessity. Glad you finally received your new one and that it was an electricity outage and not a terrorist attack that ruined your other one.

How fun to be second in Scrabble. I like to play it but never win. And that certainly was a hard game. Good thing you had refreshments.

How nice to have traveling companions. And it is fun to look forward to the next trip.

Have a good week, Gattina.

Willow said...

A coffee maker/pot is a necessity. I too would have dropped everything and driven straight to the place to pick up my new one.
It's good to have a friend relocate nearby. Maybe she will join the Scrabble group!

Barbara H. said...

I have never seen one of those sand frames - what a neat idea! How fun to have a friend move close by.