25 Aug 2017


1. Starts with H
2. simple (simplify)
3. green

Each week I have to find photos I have taken recently (or yesterday) which each time starts with another letter. This time it is H. I have the choice between a lots of H's but I want to make a story out of the 3 words.

Near Waterloo is an old house which had been transformed into a museum for fountains and the whole history of water. How the people tried to stay clean and how difficult it was to get water before we had bathrooms and all the facilities of today.

This is the house

and a very simple way to wash.

outside stood a fountain in the green water !

Imagine you would have to  wash your bedlinen in this very first washing machine ! You would have to fill it  with water, heat it with coal or wood add soap and then turn the wheel around ! This was a machine used beginning 1800.

And today what do you do ? You choose the program, push a button and watch a film on TV or go shopping or clean your house while the machine  does everything except putting the laundry in the closets !

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Blogoratti said...

What a fun theme, the photos are lovey. Greetings to you.

Tamago said...

It looks like a great museum! Wow that's the first washing machine! I'd love to visit there and learn the history involving water :-)

Jim said...

That makes for a nice museum, Gattina. Reminds me of back when we didn't have a bathe room. I was six before we got one. My mom gave my sister baths in a was tub she moved into the kitchen on Saturday nights. Dad had a bucket with a hose and he showered in back beside ourold washing machine. No electricity either till then so until we got rge gasoline washer we traveled to wash with Grandma.
Oh yes, our old wash stand and bowel are in our Burt County Museum now, in the entrance hall of the old school house that was given to the museum.

Jim said...

My sister and I used the same bath water in the kitchen. She was first.

Fun60 said...

The world is such a different place, with all its modern conveniences, from when I was a child. We had no bathroom or indoor toilet and my mother used a boiler to wash the clothes. That looks an interesting museum.

Anonymous said...

What a fascinating museum! I would love to visit it. Thank you for sharing. I have to admit, I am very grateful to live in our time of modern conveniences. Thank you so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Have a great week!

Claire Moxon-Waltz said...

That would be such an interesting museum to visit - what a specialized topic. I love the pictures you shared from the inside, as well as the marvelous fountain. Just beautiful. The washing machine seems like the one my father has described to me which his grandparents had when he was little.