18 Apr 2017


In my part of the world we celebrated Easter this weekend, together with our son and family in Amsterdam - Ijburg. Unfortunately the weather was awful and we couldn't go out very much.

The house was nicely decorated with an "Easter tree" and of course tulips every where. It's the season now for the famous "Tulips from Amsterdam"

On Sunday morning after breakfast Grandson Toby started to look if the Easter Bunny had brought some eggs !

The decoration with an egg artistically painted by Toby

I had brought this Easter bunny

Then he started searching, first outside, but there were only some chocolate eggs which we had to pick up quickly because it started to rain and wet Easter eggs are certainly not so good.

But then he found a big parcel ! Inside was a Lego "Nexo Knights" ! Was he happy !

He immediately started to put these little things together and in no time it was done ! I couldn't believe it ! He is 6 and that thing was for 8 to 14 years old, in my case it would have taken the rest of my life to put it together. Now don't ask me what it represents, when I was a child we were afraid of monsters, and today kids love them !

He also likes to help in the kitchen and decorated the breakfast eggs.

My DIL had made Easter Bunny head pancakes, which I found very cute, Toby helped rolling the croissants together and even the rolls had the shape of an Easter Bunny ! I had never seen that here in Belgium.

In the afternoon we tried to go to the beach. They live close to the sea. It must be very beautiful there when it's warm and sunny. There is a huge terrace outside and you can look over the sea.

It was also very cosy inside and nicely decorated a lot of people had there Easter Brunch there.

This part of the land is quite new. It had been "stolen" from the sea. In 2014 a new phase in construction began, new groups of houses were built and the land is being extended to accommodate a series new buildings.

When complete, the neighbourhood will have 18,000 homes for 45,000 residents and should also include employment for 12,000 people. As well as homes, schools, and shops; leisure centres, restaurants, a beach, and a cemetery are planned.

The new part of the beach

If you want to read more about Ijburg it's here

more participants here


Reader Wil said...

How lovely is your son's house in Amsterdam Such a pity that you had cold weather, we had such nice sunny weather here near Rotterdam.

Lea said...

Your little one is growing up so fast!
Have a great week!

Andrew said...

So while they now live close to the sea, if more reclamation happens, they will become further away from the sea. I have no idea what that thing Toby constructed is.

colleen said...

You are my mind of grandma and I'm your kind! I'm assuming that's your grandson? A very creative pair are you two.

Loree said...

Toby is such a sweetheart. My son likes to help in the kitchen too - especially when I bake cakes.

Klara said...

nice holiday despite not so nice weather. house close to beach you say - how cool it is!!! Gattina, I am going to Croatia in a few days, why don't we finally meet when I return - beginning of May? :-)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

A good day indeed. Everything needed for Easter -- a grandson just the right age for it and bunny pancakes -- who could ask for more! Sounds like good times for Amsterdam, all that new building and plans.

Pamela said...

your grandson is growing so big!

Wendy said...

I'm sure Toby appreciated the lego more than the chocolate. Glad you had a nice Easter visit with him.

Tamago said...

Your grandson Toby is very cute! And talented at so many things. Love his painting on the egg and he has serious Lego skills!
I'd love to visit Amsterdam some day to see the tulips :-)

betty-NZ said...

It certainly looks like a great day!