3 Feb 2017


1. After our vivid weekend, the silence moved in again, only interrupted by the morning non stop meows of cat Pookie who wants to have breakfast at least 10 times. After all she will be 92 (19)in human years so she is excused. It's only hard for our nerves. The silence is interrupted by Mr. G. loud (very loud) plead to Pookie to stop.


When I arrived at my aqua gym, the previous class was a little late, so we all sat on the steps and waited to go into the swimming pool. As I had my camera with me one took a picture of us all sitting there, together (a few missing of course). But on the first picture she didn't pay attention and we are all hidden in steam ! It was as usual very nice, I like my new classmates because I had changed from Monday to Wednesday and have now a young man as teacher.

3. Nicole is a bit depressed, she likes to go out walking or visiting exhibitions or whatever and being occupied. She also feels like a prisoner. So I went over and we spend the afternoon together chatting and waiting for better times.

Charlie was happpy he got cookies !

4. I had a blood test done on the request of the dermatologist who can't find what a strange disease I have if ever it is one.

I get from time to time  a rush big like a hand, always on other parts of my body, legs, thighs, arms, or belly etc. It happens from time to time without any reason, sometimes after 2 or 3 months or two weeks. It had started last year in June. Besides the fact that it itches terribly, it doesn't bother me at all. But it bothered the dermatologist, she is very ambitious and of course she couldn't stand that she couldn't find what it is.

She kept me one hour on the phone to explain my blood test results. Of course I am close to the graveyard if I would believe her. After having told me to change the bedlinen, and wash it immediately to what I answered, that I had the rushes also in Egypt, France and England, with other bedlinen, she declared that I am ALLERGIC to CATS !!  I had to laugh, I told her that I live nearly 60 years with cats and that I have no eye itches or a running nose or other symptoms of a cat allergy, to what she answered that probably my body got used to it.

My little killers

At this moment I had enough. I didn't want to play her guinea pig to find out what I have, I feel good I have nothing why should I start with tests and medication or whatever, so I politely ended the conversation and told her that I would go with the test results to my house doctor. She didn't like that at all which made me even more suspicious, she said I should go to a specialist and gave me a name ! I said yes, yes, and hang on. Ilona was on Skype and had listened to the whole conversation. She told me immediately, don't go back to this doctor ! She only wants to make money and certainly gives you a lot of medicine to make the drug industry rich !

I agreed. Why inventing me diseases ? I am not a hypochondriac ! It's now at least a month that I didn't have this rush, so I can live with that and just put an anti itch cream on. Besides that I have too much of Vitamin B12, where most of the people don't have enough !

After that I told my cats that they have to go away, because I am allergic, but instead Arthur settled down on my lap to watch TV and Rosie behind my neck on sofa. And no rush came !

5. I tried out something new in my painting class. I had seen in a video a painter painting with his fingers ! I thought that's something I want to try out. To the horror and surprise of my classmates I dipped 2 fingers in a blue color and put it on the canvas. I worked very well and was such a fun to do.


The painting came out quite nicely and my clothes were still clean. My blue hand was quickly washed as these are acrylic colors. Now some others want to try that out too !

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - hope something sorts the rash out - not easy to diagnose. The blue hand painting looks fun - good result though .. cheers Hilary

eclectichomelife said...

I think your painting with the blue using your hands has turned out rather well, great to try new things

mamasmercantile said...

Hope you find a solution to your rash soon. Love the painting using your hand, such fun to try new things.

Snap said...

Good luck with the rash ... annoying! Love the your blue hand and the painting. Sort of like returning to childhood and finger painting -- at least that's my excuse when I "smush" around paint with my fingers! Happy Friday!

Fun60 said...

I really like your finger painting.

Wendy said...

The rash sounds annoying but not something to particularly worry about. Maybe try keeping a record of when and how it happens to see if you can work out what triggers it. How can you be allergic to cats when you have 3. I know it can sometimes develop - as it has with my son - but that was after he had time away with no cats. Your painting looks lovely.

Tamago said...

I wonder what is causing the rash but clearly not kitties :-)
I love your painting done by fingers! I sometimes draw with fingers on iPad. It's not same as your experience but still fun :-)

ellen b said...

Well good for you for stopping the drama of finding out about the rash. I get a heat rash in a ring on my thigh occasionally when the sun hits it but it doesn't itch. It's weird. The photo of the pool ladies is very cute. I also think your painting is lovely. Hope you have a good weekend.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I definitely agree with your friend on Skype and you about that specialist.

At first I was thinking of finger painting like kids in nursery school do, but your results are definitely not like that. It turned out beautifully and even if the blue didn't all wash off of your hand it would have been worth it.

I forgot what's wrong with your neighbor that she can't go outside.

Amy at love made my home said...

Wow, your painting is great! I am glad that you are just allergic to cats and all will be well, at least it isn't anything horrid! Your friend must have enjoyed a visit from you, to be shut in is not nice is it and it is good that she has a true friend who will visit and bring some news and cheer!

Mara said...

Fingerpainting! I used to do that too, when I was in kindergarten!! Nice to see it's still being used.

Barbara H. said...

How odd abut the rash. It is possibly to develop an allergy to something you were ok with before - I became lactose intolerant and allergic to penicillin in my late 30s though I had never had problems with them before. But it still seems unlikely it would be the cats since you are around them all the time and don't have the rash all the time. It does seem best to stop seeing this particular doctor.

Your painting looks so nice!

Mac n' Janet said...

Like the lady before me I too developed allergies to things that had never bothered me before, wasps and poison ivy. You may be having an allergic reaction to stress. Who knows, but i don't think I'd trust this doctor

Lorrie said...

That's a lovely photo of you with your blue hand! You have a beautiful smile. How funny that the doctor suggested you are allergic to cats! I think your friend is right - find another doctor!

Maribeth said...

I love your painting! Very much like Monet!

Ann said...

I hope you can figure out what is wrong with your itching and rushes.

Wandering Wren said...

Ha - that steamy photo is a classic! Sorry to hear you are allergic to cats, that is a bit tragic for you and your cats!!! Best to ignore that comment as you clearly have... When we lived in Belgium I found the homoeopathic Drs good, you could try some homoeopath remedies for allergies!
Have a great week - I'm in my last week in Australia
Wren x