30 Jan 2017


This weekend we had son and grandson on visit, which put a little turmoil into our calm life of retired oldies, or vintage couple. It was fun !

Saturday morning we went  for a coffee and croissants to "La Brioche".

For that we had to go through the Gallery Wellington,

where we met Mr. G's hairdresser. He is a little very temperamental and hearty person. They know each other for at least 30 years and had also cut the hairs of our son. Therefore he proposed to cut Toby's hair. after we had had our coffee.

So we went for our breakfast and Toby ate two pastries filled with chocolate, he has a very good appetite, because at home he just had cornflakes with a milkshake !

When we had finished we returned to Gaetano the hairdresser. His salon is very funky, and the music was from when we were young all songs from the 60th 70th. He offered us wine red or white, but we thanked just after the coffee it was a bit early, and then with this Italian hospitality for friends he wanted to offer us so many things to eat, and finally came back with olives and peanuts.

Then it was Toby's turn. He behaved like an adult, so quiet as if he would go to the hairdresser every day. I remembered his father at that age who was just the opposite and I and the hairdresser had to occupy him with games to keep him quiet and didn't turn his head around all the time. It was a very tiring affair, while here not at all !

when the hairs were washed he moved to another seat and I took these pictures.

While Gaetano talked and talked and talked he cut and in between asked Toby if he likes the cut and Toby agreed. He also told him about his dad and how impossible he had been ! It was real fun.

We were all satisfied with the result.

After lunch Mr. G. went with them to the Kid's factory the inside playground where my son met a friend with son. I stayed home and rested a bit. I am still tired from my breathing problems. But it's much better now since the temperatures increased and it is not so humid anymore.

In the evening we watched a little movie together, while our son took the opportunity to go out and meet a friend. Then we all went to bed. Now it's so nice to communicate with Toby, his French is each time better and anyway we communicate if necessary with hand, feet and drawings and a lot of laughter of course.

After breakfast on Sunday morning Toby watched the series for kids on TV,

he was a bit disappointed because we couldn't find a Pokemon movie, but he also liked Tom & Jerry.

Then three generations played cards a game called "Uno" it's very easy, so easy that Mr. G. had enormous difficulties to understand the rules because they were too simple. Toby was proud to be able to explain the rules to his Nonno, but still I think that Poker rules or bridge are  easier for him to understand than a game which is only based of colors and a few obstacles.

The weather was not good enough to go out it was very windy, so we played "Ludo" together. I had bought it the day before and it was in form of little horses you had to put in the stable. At one moment Toby didn't want to play anymore, because he lost, but then he came back, because we 3 others continued.

and while I was in the kitchen to prepare lunch I saw him with his Dad's smartphone busy to type messages probably to his mum ! I thought that's real crazy I have no clue how that thing works and a 6 year old deals with it like a professional !

Time flew by and after lunch they left to return to Amsterdam, and we spent the rest of the day behind computer and TV.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - excellent to see father and son aren't quite the same - and that's good re the interaction. Great cut. Glad you had a happy time - keeping up with Toby will be interesting ... bright lad ... cheers Hilary

diane b said...

That was a fun weekend. How nice for you to be able to interact with Toby. I had mine here for Australia Day weekend. They are very boisterous and loud but we had some good times together. They love their iPads but they are only allowed 2 hours a day and there are tantrums when its time to turn them off.

Linens and Royals said...

Toby's haircut looks very smart and not too different, hope is mother likes it too. A very busy and fun weekend for everyone even if a bit tiring for some. Hope Arthur enjoyed it too.

Andrew said...

I may have said it before but look how tall your son is! Far taller than you and taller than Mr G. We know Uno and Ludo.

(I can't remember you daughter in law's details, so I will guess)

"Toby, tell us about your family"?

"My mum is Dutch and we live in Amsterdam. My father is from Belgium but my grandma is German and my Grandpa is Italian and they speak French, and I understand some of what they say." What a melting pot. I suppose Toby is learning English as well.

Wendy said...

Looks like you had a lovely weekend and Toby's haircut looked great.

Mara said...

A very busy weekend by the sound of it! I get tired just reading about it.

mamasmercantile said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend spending quality time with your son and grandson.

Maribeth said...

Oh I love his haircut! It is so good and he looks very handsome!

Fun60 said...

Very nice haircut and such a sensible boy to just sit back and enjoy it. At least you had fun despite the weather. I remember playing Uno with my children when they were young. Good game and as you say easy to play.

Melli said...

Oh Gattina!!! I am SO happy you have had time with your Toby! What a handsome little man he has become! He does not look SURE he likes that haircut... but it IS a good one! Tyler loves to get his hair cut and always tells me how HANDSOME he is now! LOL! Of course, I agree! I did like it more when he kept it longer like Toby's though! I never thought about you two having communication difficulties. I think I assumed you speak EVERYTHING! :) But I do SEE that you enjoy each other's company, regardless! And he and Nonno too! Such little blessings they are! Tyler is more into Legos and Transformers - but he knows his way around his Mom's cell phone as well! I won't let him use mine! And he and Toby having matching pajamas! Six is the SAME all around the world! :)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Wow -- Toby is becoming a real person, not just a sweet baby. What a nice weekend.

peppylady (Dora) said...

This weekend I went and say my grand daughter and your grand son sure is becoming a your man.
Coffee is on

Amy at love made my home said...

What a lovely family time weekend!