27 Jan 2017


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1. The weak started with very humid and cold weather. For me impossible to go outside, when I did 3 steps I was already breathless. The weather station informed the population that the air was very bad and especially for people with breathing problems. So I had an excuse not to do any shopping or going out and spend my time at the computer, and later on TV. For the moment there are so many jokes, cartoons and videos around concerning the "Greatest" American President of all times. You see them  everywhere in Europe in the Newspapers, TV and of course on Internet. Instead of making America great, the poor man in his international innocence has made it ridiculous.

And he also wants to come to Brussels in the near future ! He dares to come to the "hellhole,” as he once called our capital, but has changed his mind ever since Belgium  has beomea city ! “Belgium is a beautiful city,” he had said during a rally in Atlanta. Probably he only learned the American geography at school and despite all the money he has, has never traveled or looked on a map (that is the drivers job). It's true he has enough space in his great country !

2. Opening the shutters, I saw the street and nearly got a nervous breakdown ! It had snowed again !!

Arthur was a bit disappointed because in his opinion it hadn't snowed enough !

3. We had nothing to eat anymore and I was forced to go out.

The parking of the Carrefour supermarket was disgusting, fortunately I had put on my boots ! There was an ice cold wind and I quickly went inside. I bought what I had to buy and didn't even make a little walk through this huge store, I preferred to return home quickly.

where Rosie and Arthur decorated my bed, waiting for better times.

4. I thought I couldn't go to my aqua gym because of my breathing difficulties, but wanted to try and it was really strange, in the water my breath was completely normal and even hopping around in the water I wasn't breathless ! Really surprising, but when I got out, it started again and instead of feeling light like a feather in the water, I felt like an elephant in the room !

My intention had been to go to several shops, but I returned and did like Rosie I refused to look out of the window again !

5. A miracle happened ! The sun came out !

Arthur and Rosie immediately selected the best places for a sunbath, Arthur on my desk and Rosie on my Jeans !

Looking in the mirror I saw something similar to a witch and decided that it was about time to go to the hairdresser.. When I arrived I saw a lady sitting in the chair with wet hair and I thought, I saw this face two days ago on Facebook in "Vivre à Waterloo" (living in Waterlooà ! and the second miracle happened ! It was my very first neighbor 42 years ago,  here in Waterloo. We lived together side by side  only separated by the hedge. Later Dominique moved into this house. This must be more than a simple  coincidence that for about 25 years we hadn't seen each other and now in between 3 days I first see her picture on Facebook and then life at the hairdresser !

And we were both happy that we had met again, none of the two of us knew why we had lost contact. Probably because we had no time, We updated each other of the most important things, what her 3 sons and 1 daughter had become, how many grandchildren etc. Then we promised to see each other as soon as possible, because now we have all the time of the world ! And the last was that her second son has his girlfriend living  in my street, 2 houses farer ! She moved in a few months ago and I haven't seen her yet. The world is small ! When he was a little boy playing in this street he probably never thought that he would  have a girlfriend later who would live here where once an old couple lived who had passed away !

I had asked the hairdresser to cut my hair a bit, and chatting I didn't pay very much attention, so they are shorter as usual, but I comforted myself ... they will grow again (at least I hope so !!)

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Jo said...

Love Arthur and Rosie! Grant also struggles to breathe (even here in the mountains) when the air is humid. You look GREAT with that hairstyle. I go to a new lady and she really chops me so short every time! I hope the snow stops soon. Have a great weekend. Jo

Andrew said...

I bet I know who talked talked the most when old neighbours caught up. It is funny how you lose contact with people, well, not always funny, at times sad. Your must have very good heating at home. Is it oil or gas?

Faith said...

You look fantastic with that short cropped hair. ive gone shorter too ...so easy to take care of!!

How fun to meet up with an old friend and share life experiences. Truly special.

we had a bit of snow after a fierce ice storm on Tuesday/Wednesday...the school where i worked was closed which is good asmive hád the flu all week! going in today as i am at least upright!

happy weekend!

AnnieOBTextiles said...

What an amazing coincidence to meet your friend like that after so many years. Your hair looks lovely. I hope your weather and breathing difficulties improve so you can get out again.

Fun60 said...

I love that new haircut, it suite you so much, I hope you keep it short. The weather this week has not been inviting as it's been bitterly cold. We've also had health warnings because of the freezing fog. Let's hope next week is better.

Amy at love made my home said...

You look lovely in your photo! How great that you met up with your old friend again like that, what a lovely coincidence. You certainly have had a lot of snow this winter haven't you, I hope that you don't get much more. I expect that the swimming pool helped your breathing as the air in the winter can be very dry and of course it is much more humid in the pool and I think that humidity helps breathing, so it was probably good to go. Hope you have a good weekend!

Schotzy said...

Your weather sounds as crazy as our... impossible to know what to expect next!!!Have a great weekend!

Sharon said...

Love your haircut. It suits you very well. How interesting to meet an old friend at the hairdressers. I don't think 'that person' can make up his mind - doesn't seem to remember what he said or know the truth from...well, 'the alternative truth' lol.

Happy Five on Friday!

Tamago said...

Wow, how lovely you ran into your old neighbor! I love your hair cut. You look very pretty! I had my hair cut recently as well. I was so tired of long hair so I went very short. Feels better :-)
Glad you got some sunshine. Have a wonderful weekend!

Mara said...

The best place to sleep: on top of your clothes. Even Oswin does it on occasion, although I try to make sure there's nothing for her to sleep on!

Love the new do.

Latane Barton said...

It is sad that the people elsewhere in this world get only negative news about our new president. That's the way the liberal American media want it. As for the millions who voted him into office, (me included) we see him turning our country back to the God held ideals that this country was founded on... getting rid of abortion, stopping illegal immigrants from flooding our nation and even the fact that we are beginning to see God mentioned with ease in public once again. And, he's only been in office ONE WEEK!!

Wendy said...

Your hair looks lovely and will be so quick and easy to deal with, especially in the cold weather. Your cats are adorable but why is it when they have a whole bed to lie on, if you leave an item of clothing on it they will always go for the clothes?! My cats were always the same. Hope the snow stays away now.

Mac n' Janet said...

Hate seeing people write about the President. I'm trying so hard to ignore him and his antics. We've had other Presidents I hated so I'm gritting my teeth and hoping he'll get bored and resign.

Loree said...

What a coincidence. It must have been nice to catch up after all those years. Your hair looks good.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You look cute in your short haircut! (My style -- I don't have time to play with my hair)..... you can't say anything bad about our so-called President that we haven't already thought or said. That he is an embarrassment to our country is the best thing we can say about him. I am scared to death about what will happen.

Susanne said...

How fun that you met up with an old friend after so many years. I like the haircut. Sometimes it's fun to try something a bit different.