16 Dec 2016


1. The first week after my return from Egypt's sunshine went by. My sprained ankle is a little better at least it is not swollen anymore and I can put on shoes !

Arthur keeps me company when I lay on the sofa !

2. I looked like a witch, only the broom was missing, although it would have been very practical to float through the rooms instead of walking on my hurt foot !

Therefore I went to the hairdresser. I was not the only one who had this idea, because I had to wait an hour until it was my turn. But we chatted together and the time went by quickly and now I have a new head.

3. The monthly lunch menu in the "Lunch Garden" was steak, chips, salad and vegetables. Nicole and I thought it was a good idea to have lunch together and of course Charlie too, who waited if a piece of steak wouldn't drop from the table.

In the Carrefour store

After lunch I had a snail walk to the computer department to look for a new little travel laptop. My fall had been so heavy that my computer which hang in a bag over my shoulder broke in two ! That's probably what saved me from further injuries besides my ankle. Of course in this case the insurance doesn't interfere, and asking something from the Egyptian airport would be a a waste of time ! There were many to choose from, the "hybrides" tablet/PC with a keyboard, I didn't like, they were far too heavy and then the tablet would be the cover of the PC and each time you have to fix the two together. Anyway for the moment I don't need one, so it was only a market research.

Looking at all the Christmas decorations made my heart heavy. This year it will be the first time that we will celebrate Christmas Eve and Day alone. My son wanted to come on Christmas day at 5 pm but for me Christmas is then over and how to explain to a 6 year old little boy, that Father Christmas doesn't come through the chimney in the morning but late afternoon or even evening, as they want to go to my DIL's mother before. We were surprised, because they celebrate St. Nicolas much more than Christmas, and we had thought that Christmas was for us. Never mind. The only thing to do to get not too much hurt is building a wall around your heart and each time you are hurt you put another line of bricks.

4. I had bought Karkade tea for Ilona and brought it to her. She had a little Christmas tree and her living room was nicely decorated. As I am not at all in Christmas mood, I forgot to take pictures.
We talked the whole afternoon about the year's end festivities ! For many it is not a joy but a chore.

When I drove home I saw the Waterloo Christmas tree in front of the church for the first time.

5. In our painting class we also talked about Christmas. Many are alone because either they have no family or the children prefer to celebrate with somebody else. The reactions are all different. One wanted to go to bed, one said she would buy a bottle of Champagne and drink it alone, one thought about going dancing, I thought everything in life has a first time, and in our 47 years of marriage it will be the very first time that we are alone at Christmas Eve as a couple. Before we celebrated with my parents, then with my parents and our son, then with him and his family and now alone. Mr. G. nevertheless insisted that I do a Christmas decoration, at first I had thought to do nothing at all.

Our painting room was nicely decorated with a Christmas tree and Father Christmas at the wall.

Quickly our good humour won and we laughed about Helene's (in the red apron) creation, because she wanted to give it a name and we hesitated between "murder",  or  "menstruation" ! That's why we laughed that much !

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - good to see you home ... and generally getting on with life, laughing and talking. Also it was good to see the holiday photos ... sorry about Toby not being with you at Christmas ... but it'll be good to see them when they can get to you ... cheers Hilary

mamasmercantile said...

At least you are back to your good humoured self after the disappointing news of Christmas. You sound as if you have so much fun at your art class, maybe there are some of you that could get together Christmas eve as there were others who has no visitors. Have a good time whatever you decide to do. Take care.

Snap said...

I love hearing about your art class. Looks like Arthur is taking good care of you. Nothing like getting my hair done to make me feel better. Have a Merry Merry!

Sharon Koole said...

I'm sorry about the disappointing news of Christmas. So tough. I'm glad your ankle is feeling better. A sprained ankle is VERY painful and not fun. I ended up having to have surgery on mine after a year of pain. Your cat looks very comfy. Mine is spending a lot of time on my lap as it's so cold.

Happy Five on Friday

Serenata said...

I didn't feel much like Christmas this year as my son won't be home so can understand your disappointment, but I am sure you will still have a lovely time.

Your art class looks fun. I haven't been to mine at all this year, but looking forward to getting back into it in January next year.

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

The Waterloo Tree looked interesting. Really seems to light up the area around it and brings joy to the children who see it I'm imagining. Hope things go smoothly for you and you're able to enjoy the season.

Mara said...

I think it must be hard when you don't choose to be by yourselves. I hope you will have a nice Christmas anyway. Or why not invite some of those other ladies that will be alone on Christmas. Could be good fun for all of you!

eclectichomelife said...

So sorry to hear you will be celebrating alone, I totally understand how this new 'first' can hurt. Maybe you need to do something different yourselves to make it 'new'. could you go out for dinner and be at home for the 5pm arrivals?

Barbara H. said...

I'm so sorry you won't be getting together with your son and grandson this year for Christmas. Perhaps you can do it on a day other than Christmas? Lots of families do that here, particularly when both parents have families they want to visit or when one set of grandparents is out of town, etc. I wouldn't worry too much about explaining how and when Father Christmas did his thing - you could just say he left a gift for him when he stopped by. Or perhaps you and Mr. G. could do something special with just the two of you. I think if I was alone on Christmas, that's what I'd do - do some special little thing just for me or just for us.

I'm so sorry about your sprained foot! I have a foot injury, too, this week - broke and dislocated my toe, so I am having to wear a "boot" on it and keep it elevated. Hope it heals quickly.

peppylady (Dora) said...

You seem so busy.
Coffee is on

Susanne said...

Ouch, your ankle sounds like it was painful but glad it's starting to feel better. Your little "nurse" keeping you company while you sit on the couch and put your foot up is sweet. We will not have our oldest with us for Christmas for the first time ever and the idea has taken a bit of getting used to but they are coming for New Year's so I'm trying to look forward to that.

diane b said...

I've got behind in reading blogs so I have just learnt about your fall and ankle and computer. Boy you must have really gone down hard. Lucky more of you wasn't damaged. Its so sad to hear of your lone Christmas and the first time ever. It is a shame your son and DIL couldn't organise it better. Anyway try to make the most of it with Mr G. It has happened to us quite a few times when our children were in London and or Los Angeles. We often went to our favourite Swiss Restaurant foe Christmas Lunch sometimes with friends who were in the same situation and sometimes by ourselves. It was sad the first time but then we got used to it. This time we have Carol and David on Christmas Eve and no one on Christmas Day. Sonia and family are having Christmas with his family this year and maybe us next year. I don't mind too much saves all the work. You and your painting friends should celebrate together somewhere nice.

Mac n' Janet said...

That's a shame that your son and his family can't be with you. Our only child lives in Japan, but will be flying in to spend Christmas with us. But even if she could not my husband and I would celebrate it, I love Christmas.

Lorrie said...

That first Christmas alone is hard. My husband and I made some plans of our own, began some new traditions just for us, and we got through. There's always a casting back of the mind over the years to remember Christmases past when the house was filled with busy children. Life changes, doesn't it? I love Christmas and celebrate it no matter what. Some years we don't see our children/grandchildren on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but we make a point of celebrating some time.

I hope your ankle soon feels better. How wonderful to have a group of friends in your painting class with whom you can chat about important things.

Wendy said...

Sorry to hear you will be on your own at christmas. It will be hard but unfortunately once family members get partners and then children things do change. We are all together this year but I expect next year it will be just us and our daughter and her wife but of course there will be a baby too so we may go to them. I just try to go with the flow.

Tamago said...
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Tamago said...

LOL, witch's broom would be handy when your foot is hurting. Glad you got a new head :-)
I spent many Christmases alone in the past but that's ok. In fact, I dread big party or gathering of many people. I hope you will enjoy a warm and cozy Christmas with your husband. And I hope you will see your family soon :-) Happy holidays!

Amy at love made my home said...

Glad your ankle is improving and your head is looking better! I am so sad about your Christmas and that of your friends. I wonder if you could all get together for a glass of something and a mincepie - or whatever your equivalent is - and share some time with each other. I can't offer to have you visit as we are too far away! Hope you enjoy the time with your son when you can do and that the new year will bring good things your way! Happy Christmas, I will think of you on the day! xx