19 Dec 2016


On Saturday morning I was in the right mood to attack my Christmas decoration ! Mr. G. carried up two boxes from the basement and fell exhausted in the next chair. As each year I didn't remember what was in the boxes I opened them and to my surprise it was very easy I had them packed properly last year !

From our 4 cats none was interested in angels, Father Christmases or little balls.

I added a Father Christmas in the basket at the entrance

Then I continued with the fire place

Arthur was not impressed

The dining area came next

and then the television and the sofa corner

and on the radiator I put a little Christmas tree and the living room was ready. Nicole came shortly to pick up a form I had printed for her and admired my work.

In the afternoon I went to the Waterloo Christmas market.

which takes place each year, but the last two years I haven't been there because it looked always the same. This year I thought I needed a few Christmas pictures and went looking. To my surprise it was quite big, far bigger than the years before. At least 30 stalls while the years before it was in a huge tent and on another place. I made my pictures, just had a look in my favorite boutique to see if there was something for me, but found nothing and went home.

On Sunday I connected the lights on the mini tree, and discovered two old suitcases in the basement with the inscription "Christmas decoration" ! Of course I wanted to know what was in there. Mr. G. opened them and we found Christmas balls and ornaments to open a shop, garlands, a crèche and lots of other stuff I didn't need  anymore probably, it was the accumulation of 47  years  of Christmas celebrations ! He closed the suitcases again and put them back ! Maybe I should consider a "Garage sale" and sell all this Christmas stuff in summer ?

On Sunday we had an awful weather, it was humid and misty the whole day. I pottered around a little in the morning and did some laundry, in the afternoon Nicole had asked me to come over for a cup of coffee.

I brought a bone for Charlie who was the happiest dog of the world and admired Nicole's Christmas decoration. She too has no tree, but has put garlands and candles and lights a little everywhere.


Tamago said...

Wow your place looks fantastic! Such beautiful Christmas decorations, and I love kitty decorations, too :-)

mamasmercantile said...

You are blessed with a beautiful home and the added Christmas décor makes it so welcoming for the season. The Christmas market looked like fun. Take care.

Mara said...

Well, if you need to get rid of baubles and ornaments... I live in Norway! Just send them this way.

Loree said...

I really like Christmas markets. This year they had one in the town where I grew up (which is just 10 minutes away from where I live now). It was nice but I didn't get to see much because I broke my toe and I was afraid someone would step on it since there was quite a lot of people.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Even my 50+ daughter has decorated that way this year -- no tree, but her ornaments all around the house like you did. she was starting to do that at Thanksgiving, just before we left for Florida. And she said she had two or three boxes she didn't even open. We are not decorating at all -- it is a non traditional Christmas when we're away from family and also because of how warm and sunny it is, I would rather go outside and play with my friends (when I am not blogging ;>)))

Andrew said...

Very festive. Were then any of those delicate glass balls we used to tie on the tree? So easily broken.