12 Dec 2016


Our 2 weeks holidays came to an end, we had to pack, we did it in the last minute !  As every day we went by this very friendly cook who made scrambled eggs or other eggs for the guests.

He was proud to pose for my picture !  We stayed the whole day at the beach, and enjoyed the see view for the last time. In the evening we played again scrabble, this time Chantal won, usually it always was Nicole, she is a real gambler !

The day of our departure arrived and we decided to spend the morning at the swimming pool which we had never done, because we preferred to stay on the beach.

At 10 am the animation team woke the last still sleeping guest with a cock-a-doodle-doo and a song to which they danced.  Then they went off to the beach to wake up the others or interrupt them in their rest by screaming in all languages, "Good Morning, Guten Morgen, Bon Jour and some other languages.

The every days program was after the wake up a "belly dance" lesson for the women. It was the first time in the 2 weeks we watched it.

Some were very talented, others stiff like a stick.

Then came aqua gym, but I didn't like it, it was more out than in the water.

We had to leave our room at 12, but I got an exception I could keep my room until two which was very nice so my friends could move their luggage into my room and later dress and be ready for the bus which took us to the airport.

Each day on the way to the restaurant was a painter sitting in a little open room and painted the guests or their animals after a photo. He did it very well. After all these years we knew him well and always chatted with him.

In the next shop with handbags, I was surprised to see the prices in English pounds, that had never happened. Dollars yes, Euros too but pounds ?  I was really curious and asked. The answer was rather funny. He said that the prices were in Euros. I told him that the Euro sign does look different (€) yes he said I know, but we run out of labels ! I laughed, such a thing would have been impossible here.

And then the bus arrived, Nicole checked our luggages and off we went to the airport. And there the controls started ! The first was a ticket and passport control at the entrance to the airport. The menacing looking armed policeman checked every passport meticulously. Which took time. We had priority as Chantal had to wait for a wheelchair. When he took my passport and opened it a 10 € note flew in his face because it was quite windy ! People laughed and he suddenly too, he just couldn't keep serious, while I ran after my 10 € note !

Finally we were inside had to go undressed, dressed, undressed, dressed 3 times, shoes off, shoes on, shoes off, shoes on, finally I walked barefoot ! Our passports were controlled 6 times exactly, even at the door of the plane ! And then my misadventure happened. A truck had arrived with a lift to lift up Chantal's wheelchair. The truck wasn't close enough to the border of the sidewalk and of course I stepped in the gap with my already weak foot and sprained it again. My fall apparently was very spectacular, because everybody was surprised that once they had picked me up I stood and walked  on the lift platform. I felt a bit dizzy, but managed it to my seat in the plane. My foot got big like a balloon, fortunately Nicole had painkillers in her purse ! I had put all medicine in my suitcase !

After 5 h flight, we finally arrived in Brussels, were picked up by an electric car, for Chantal and this was very good for me, because I could hardly walk. Mr. G was already waiting, loaded the suitcases in the car and drove us first to Nicole. Her daughter had taken care of Charlie and had brought him inside her house, so as soon as she opened the door, he run out and was so happy ! We petted him and then Chantal's son arrived to pick up his mother.

The first thing I did was taking care of my swollen foot, fortunately I still had all the medicine from the last time.

Now I am back again, it's grey and cold and when I wanted to open the shutters it was still dark at 8.30 pm. In Egypt at 6 am the daylight started until 4 pm. Mr. G. had taken good care of the spoiled cats, killed my orchid by watering it too much but otherwise the house is still standing.

Our town is full of Christmas decoration, but I am not at all in the mood ! Christmas is not fun anymore for lots of us. My friend celebrated with her children on the 24, then the 25 then the 26, this year it should be the 27, because nobody has time, with these patchwork families, they have to go to fathers, mothers grandfathers, grandmothers etc. If only one could celebrate together that would be so much easier for teverybody. Nicole has decided that now it's enough she doesn't celebrate Christmas on a 27 !

In our hotel many single women stayed for two or three month and included Christmas and New Year, at least then they are not alone and it is cheaper than at home.

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Little Wandering Wren said...

Oh Gosh Gattina I hope your foot is getting better now?
Wren x

Fun60 said...

What an ending to your holiday. You are lucky it isn't broken. When I was in Budapest a few years ago I broke my foot whilst waiting for a taxi to the airport.

jennyfreckles said...

So sorry to hear of your injury, Gattina. I hope it soon heals up. Kerbs are a real hazard for those of us getting older. I have another friend who recently broke her ankle falling off a kerb.

Mara said...

Oh no Gattina, not your foot again! So sorry to hear that, but glad it happened at the end and not the beginning of your holiday.

Tamago said...

The cook at egg station does look very friendly!
Sounds like the airport control was quite thorough. I'm sorry you sprained your foot :-( Hope it will heal quickly.
But glad you had a fun vacation and back home safely. Other than dead orchid, everything sounds fine there :-)

mamasmercantile said...

Such a shame to sprain your ankle again on the way home. Hop you are no in too much pain.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Well 'merde'! That fall was a bad end to a lovely vacation....so sorry. All that security! Wow - I will never again complain about our lines here in the states (not that I have really ever -- it is better to be safe).

Hope your ankle is healing.