14 Nov 2016


Last Thursday I had been visiting Ilona's mother, she is 92 lives alone and is in a better shape than others in their 40th ! I don't know exactly what I had done, but when I got up, suddenly my left foot kinked aside and I fell half on the sofa half on the carpet. Ilona picked me up, and I didn't feel anything just a little ache in my foot. So we laughed and I pretended that probably due to my advanced aged, I now loose balance. I did some shopping and then went home.

Suddenly my foot started to hurt terribly ! I looked at it and it had swollen and was all blue ! I had sprained my ankle !  Mr. G. went to the pharmacy and bought a cream against pain and bandages. I also had to take a painkiller. It was clear I couldn't walk properly anymore. So for 2 days I scampered around on one foot and sat on the sofa with my feet up.

Fortunately I had enough work on my computer which I had a little neglected lately, especially the filing of pictures. With that and television I spent my time. And the telephone of course.

Rosie stuck the whole time against my leg

and I took a lot of cat pictures for my different themes !

The weather was perfect for staying inside and don't move, because it was cold, humid and grey !

All I can say is, that it had been a very exciting weekend ! Fortunately today my foot looks OK it's not swollen and blue anymore and I can walk ! Maybe not to much, but still I am not nailed on my sofa anymore !


  1. Oh be careful! Don't start doing things again too soon. I did that and it has bothered me off and on since! That was over 25 years ago!!

  2. Oh, I'm sorry you sprained your ankle. Don't do too much too soon. Grant did this to his ligament a week before we left and it's only just healed. Took three weeks! I believe it's all to do with advanced age. Take care.

  3. Advanced age??? never, could happen to anyone. Sometimes it might be a warning to slow down and stay home with the cats as they might be feeling neglected.

  4. Sorry about your ankle♥ Rosie looks so comfy ♥

  5. I'm so sorry about your ankle! Glad it's better and you can walk now. How sweet Rosie kept you company the whole time :-)

  6. Age is irrelevant to this - I sprained mine once stepping down into the cellar. Take it easy as it can take time to heal. But at least you have someone to wait on you.

  7. Poor you. That was no fun at all but good to hear you made the most of your time on the sofa.

  8. It's tough to use the excuse of advanced age when you were visiting the home of your 92 year old friend! Hope your foot continues to improve. I fell yesterday myself, tripped over a crack in the sidewalk and have broken my little finger and sprained the other wrist. Ouch. Am waiting right now to see the orthopedic doctor. Perhaps I will be able to laugh and blog about it next week ((?

  9. It's so sweet that little Rosie is there to keep you company. I do hope you continue to recovery. Be careful and rest. Hugs, Pat


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