1 Nov 2016


Once a year at all Saint's day it is the use in Belgium to go to the graveyards and bring mums to put on the graves of their relatives.  So once a year the cemetaries look nicely and colorful with all these mums while the whole year long the graves look dull and grey and the whole graveyard too.

I went to the oldest cemetary in Waterloo, which is not in use anymore I think the last people who had been burried here were in the 90th and also only because there was a husband, a wife or a family grave.

The entrance

with this sign

From far you see the mums in all colors.

Most of these graves belong to the wealthy bourgeoisie, some of the names I recognized because streets are named after them.

Here are some which are still  visited. Most of the descendants are dead too

Some of the graves are in a pitiful state

The nuns of the "Sacré Coeur" (Holy heart) are burried here.

This one looked like my grandpa on my father's side

an overlook

A probably beautiful statue, but it is so dirty that it's difficult to see

a quite big monument

soldiers graves

Dedicated to fallen soldiers

dedicated to those who were deported

Here are laying soldiers from the first and second world war

This grave was the most beautiful one in terms of flower decoration. I saw a man working on it and I saw him crying. I thought he probably lost his wife not very long ago, but when he had left and I looked at the date it was from 1995 !!

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  1. Hi Gattina - he was obviously very much in love, unless it was a child ... so sad. Some of the old cemeteries have wonderful records ... but I think I prefer the smaller churchyards ... glad you had a visit though - the weather looks reasonable .. cheers Hilary

  2. The beautiful Mums certainly brightened up the cemetery, some beautiful headstones.

  3. What lovely pictures! So peaceful.

  4. The mums sure do brighten up this old cemetery . It is a shame they don't have a restoration society or something like that to clean up the graves and sculptures.

  5. Wonderful shots from very old cemetery.

  6. Were there any foreign soldiers as well or just Belgian ones?

  7. The cemetary looks so beautiful with all the colorful mums.
    How sweet and heartbreaking to see a man crying for his wife who's gone so long. They must have been very much in love. xo

  8. Beautiful post - this is a good custom,bringing colour and closeness to loved ones as we enter the dark season. Thank you Gattina!

  9. I can see now what you meant in your email. Fascinating.

  10. I would saddly say a lot of people in my area don't do much for what we call Halloween.
    My and I went to an Samhain celebration on the 30th. We all brought something from or ansotors who pass...I brought a photo and share stories of my great grand day Duane.

    Coffee is on

  11. Here the mums are out in May so everyone visits the cemetery for mother's day to place the mums on the grave, except for the mothers not yet in a grave then they can put their flowers in a vase. I think old cemeteries are so interesting.

  12. Certainly a place to see, and pay respects. The gentleman has carried his grief close all these years.

  13. Hi Gattina - Hey here's looking at your bright blue sky, crisp fresh air with nostalgia. I remember this time of year and buying a large pot of cheery 'Mum flowers for outside the front door, not knowing this was not really the done thing that these flowers are for the graveyards!
    Sorry not been over for a while, as you'll see, been busy!
    Chat soon
    Wren x

  14. Poignant .it is sad when a cemetery isn't kept up , but so many are like that here too. .whenever I see those rows of military graves it makes me so sad. Such a terrible loss of young lives....and we never learn. Memorial Day here is later this month ..


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