18 Nov 2016



I was still "jailed" with my limited movements due to my sprained ankle and had to stay home. Fortunately TV and Computer exists, otherwise I had to do as before, read books after books, which I like too.

2. The weather was according to my mood, grey and humid and it rained ! But I could walk a bit better so I went to buy a special support for my ankle and did a bit of window shopping but inside the shops not to get wet. Unfortunately I found nothing, I had needed something to cheer me up !


As I couldn't go out, I took pictures inside the house, mostly of my cats, they are always good models. Especially when they sleep and you think they haven't moved, but suddenly the tail is on the other side. Or they run away before you had time to push the button.

4. For the first time I went out and to Nicole, there I could sit on the sofa. Her kitchen is completely finished now and looks beautiful. So beautiful that I forgot to take a picture.  We chatted the whole afternoon and Charlie as usual played the clown.

5. As always we enjoyed our painting course very much.

I have started a new painting (in the middle below) the one on the right I still have to think over if I have to add something or not. Painting and creating makes hungry so we decided to go to "our" Chinese restaurant

There was Nicole besides our teacher, then Chantal and I. Helene was half cut off. The meal as usual was delicious and for our husbands and one son we took a "take away" along, so nobody had too cook in the evening !

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mamasmercantile said...

Certainly hope your ankle is going to be OK before you go off on your trip. Have a great weekend.

Jo said...

I'm glad your ankle seems improved. Arthur is a beautiful cat. All your cats are cute. My cats are LOVING it here - there are the widest open spaces for them to explore. Not to mention the horses which fascinate them more than the Guinea Pigs (thank goodness) Charlie is the best. I would love to see a photo of Nicole's kitchen.

Mara said...

I always see Miss Oswin in a nice position and then when I have the camera at the ready, she will turn her head or stick her tail in front of the camera. That's cats for you.

Hope your ankle is feeling better.

Wendy said...

I'm glad you managed to get out to your painting class and spend time with your friends. It must have been a relief after being cooped up inside. Nice idea to take home food for the men too. Have a good weekend.

Willow said...

At least you got out a bit this week--to Nicole's and the painting class and Chinese food.
I'm glad your cats are such good models!

ellen b said...

hello Gattina, sorry about your ankle. It is nice that we can stay in touch even when we have to keep our feet up! Glad you are getting to move about and enjoy time away from home again. I am craving some good Chinese now!!

Tamago said...

Love your kitty pictures! They are adorable and really good models. Charlie is so cute, too :-)

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Hope your ankle is improving I'm visiting from Friday's Fave Five.

Barbara H. said...

Oh, I'm sorry your sprained your ankle! Sounds like you had some great activities and managed to get out a bit. I'm sure Nicole must be so pleased that the work on her kitchen is done.

Andrew said...

You have four cats? I only know Arthur.

peppylady (Dora) said...

So sorry about your ankle. I once got toss from a horse and ended up with bad sprang.
Wishing you speedy recovery.
Coffee is on