29 Aug 2016


It was still very hot on Saturday and I have to admit that when I did my weekly shopping in our specialized deepfreeze shop I stayed longer then necessary because I wanted to cool down.

For the afternoon I had invited two friends Monique and Nicole plus Charlie of course, and with the help of a ventilator it was nice to sit in the garden and to eat and drink cake and coffee.

Mr. G. had brought an enormous bone for Charlie from the market and he was the happiest dog in the world. It was amazing in how short time he ate the whole bone !

We were talking about our Facebook meeting on Friday, because Monique is also on Facebook. Suddenly Nicole, who always was against Facebook decided to subscribe too. We helped her with the subscription, but then she needed a picture !

The photo session was hilarious. Once she was too near, once to far away, once she made a face and we laughed and laughed until finally she was happy with the result. We put the picture in her profile, but then couldn't continue because she had forgotten her mobile at home and they always sent a reference number. We had a very nice afternoon !

Sunday morning started as "usual" (I mean like the last few days) already hot in the morning and sunshine ! Then suddenly it cooled down, the sunshine disappeared and I had to open the shutters again to let light in ! I think I have to change to autumn clothes today, after having been half naked for the last days. Finally it got warmer again and I could sit outside.

I decided to do a lazy afternoon and worked with my computer. Then the doorbell rang, it was Nicole who had had lunch with her son nearby and so she came to say hello. We finished the last things on her Facebook page, there wasn't here picture yet and then I showed her how to find friends. She was so surprised to find her daughter, her son and her 3 grandchildren and to be able to see what they had posted ! I told her to send friend requests which she did and suddenly she had them all ! Was she happy ! I want to see now the faces of her grandchildren who treated her always as a little stupid concerning tablets and computers and now she has her own Facebook page !

We had a coffee together and then she returned home and I continued, it was so nice to sit outside because it was not hot at all. 


  1. Hi Gattina - it has been hot, while yesterday was a relief ... but now the day is bright and sunny. Glad you've been able to help Nicole with her FB - good that she's enjoying it .. cheers Hilary

  2. Our weekend was lovely. Nice and not too warm and only rain during the evenings and nights. Today seems to be another drab day again though. That's a Norwegian summer for you!

  3. I just love the way your or Mr G always remember Charlie's treat. It seems like he could give Skabenga "a go" at devouring a bone in record time (and Skabenga is good at that) I LOL at the picture taking and then smirked when I thought about the younger generation thinking their mom/grandmother being proved wrong about thinking their mom/grandmother is technically challenged!! It all looked so jolly and happy on your terrace.

  4. I just had to read your post again and noticed Arthur in on the action as well.

  5. Glad to see more friends on Facebook and getting connected even though we live thousands of kilometers away, on the pther side of the world.

    Hello from Singapore! :D


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