3 Jun 2016


This is a special FFF, because since Sunday evening I am in Marmaris in Turkey. I tried to write every day, but the internet connection is overloaded with all these smartphones !

Anyway I am spending a wonderful time in the Ideal Prime Hotel. There are lots of British, Dutch and some Eastern countries people, a few Germans too. The Russians are not allowed to go to Turkey, but unfortunately the Ukrainians are here, although I got the impression that they behave a bit better, but they still eat worse than pigs.

Our hotel the Ideal Prime beach hotel.

The days went by resting after breakfast at the swimming pool, and try to swim a lot. After lunch we do the same and in the evening after supper we walk a little around especially along the seafront. It is so beautiful.

Here are some pictures of the hotel

The entrance hall

One of the very luxurious restrooms

A lobby with entrance to a theatre

and the Pub

Yesterday morning we did an excursion to Daylan, which is famous for its mud bath, and the turtle island. A mini bus picked us up at 9 am and we were all French speaking people. That's the problem in Europe, everybody speaks another language. Fortunately we were 8 otherwise the French speaking trip would have been cancelled. The English are more lucky they can always join the other countries !

After a little more than an hour we arrived at our first stop, we could by drinks or have a coffee. Then we were guided to a small boat. It had an electric motor so it swam very silently, the reason is not to disturb the turtles. I will write a little more about this special place in another post.

To attract the turtles out of the water, caretakers are throwing fish and shrimps. My pictures are not so good, but fortunately Nicole got some very nice. These turtles are enormous, as big as an armchair and they can weight up to 80 kgs !!

After the turtles we went to the mud bath ! What a disgusting thing ! It seems that it is great for your skin and I should look now at least 10 years younger, but this mud all over my body was really not so my thing ! I would have preferred to bath in donkey milk like Cleopatra, but I was only a vintage lady without royal title ! We all looked very funny and laughed a lot of course. To get rid of all that mud was terrible, I don't know how long I spent under the shower and my bathing suit, although I had washed it there, it was still brown when I washed it in the hotel.

After lunch in a nice open restaurant we went to the "most beautiful beach" of Turkey. I don't know if that is true, to me it looked like all beaches in the world, and the sand was burning. We stayed there over an hour, some bathing, some having a drink in the green wooden little houses which were restaurant and changing cabins.

Then we drove back, 45 min by boat and more than an hour to the hotel. It had been a very nice day !

Today we picked up our routine again, morning and afternoon swimming pool, interrupted by delicious meals and in the evening we watched some dancers, but we are too spoiled, we had already seen better things, so we went into our rooms, where I sorted out my pictures.

Internet today was on strike, so I think I give up, anyway Sunday I am returning home !

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Wendy said...

Well I'm glad the internet worked long enough to get this posted. Looks a lovely hotel but I would have passed on the mud bath! We holidayed in Turkey a few years back in October so the temperature was still lovely and warm but not too hot for us.

Barbara H. said...

Wow! What a great trip! I don't think I would like mud bathing, either.

Karen said...

I think I would pass on the mud bath. Looking forward to your post about the turtles!

Susanne said...

That would have been something to see turtles that large. Looks like a beautiful place with lots of sunshine!

Sandra Carlier said...

I like your adventure at the isle of rurtles ! Must be nice to see such big turtles around you ! Glad you have delicious time with Nicole ! I was looking if you were on skype as you were connected on facebook but no. Bisous to you two !

Jo said...

What a beautiful hotel. I would have passed on the mud bath, I think. You and Nicole look lovely in the photos. I look forward to your future post about the turtles. Have a safe trip home. xx

Mara said...

I think I could see myself in a mudbath. It sounds like it would be very cool.

Loree said...

I am not sure about the mud batch. It sounds rather messy. But it looks like you had a good time in Turkey, especially your trip to see the turtles.