31 May 2016


Leaving Brussels in the rain, after having showed my passport 5 times and my suitcase and hand luggage also twice, we finally arrived after 3 1/2 h of a smooth flight at Dalaman airport. Without special control to enter the country, we looked for the bus which should drive us to our hotel. We had 1 1/2 h by bus to our hotel, fortunately on excellent roads ! We were half dead when we finally arrived and I didn't notice very much from our surroundings. On top at 8 pm it starts getting dark. already.

The next morning standing on my balcony I saw this in daylight, I had seen it at night and had feared  that I would be disturbed by screaming kids early morning. But besides toddlers and babies there are no kids, there aren't school holidays. So I slept like a baby. The room is really very quiet.

After a very nice breakfast with a lot of choice of salty and sweet things on several buffets, we started to discover the hotel. Sometimes we had to ask, because we got lost, it's so huge.

We discovered the swimming pool, which looked very inviting. I tried it out and it was wonderful ! So nice and warm ! But we didn't stay there, we wanted to sit at the seaside. It was very warm 30°, but with a little wind very bearable.

We choose two beach beds

and had a wonderful view on the mountains and the boats which went by.

At four we left for a cup of coffee on one of the various restaurants, sitting in the shade. Unfortunately somebody stole my camera in the little white cat face case. I was very upset and asked the whole hotel. In the evening I went to the reception to ask if somebody by any chance had found it but of course there was no camera. So the first pictures from our arrival in Turkey had disappeared too.

Fortunately I always carry a spare camera with me so I can continue to take photos. After having asked again for the camera at the reception we were both tired and went into our rooms.

This was our first "working" day !


Fun60 said...

A mixed day for you. How I envy you at the moment as I wear my winter clothes and look out of the window at the heavy rain. No point in going out for a walk today. That is terrible that your camera has been taken and your special case as well. A sorry start to the holiday.

Linens and Royals said...

Obviously a cat lover stole your camera just to get the cat face cover. They should have left the camera behind. Sad for you though at least you are sensible enough to carry a spare. Scenery looks good.

Tamago said...

Your hotel looks fantastic. And the beach...what a view! It must be very nice to just sit and relax there!
I'm sorry your camera was stolen :-( So upsetting. I hope the rest of stay will be only pleasant.

Sasha said...

How unfortunate to lose your camera. Please be careful.

Mara said...

So sad somebody took your camera. Keep a good watch over the one remaining though. We want to see more photos of your trip.

Lady Fi said...

Looks like fun.

Loree said...

It looks like a beautiful place but I am sorry that your camera got stolen. I am sure it was very upsetting.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

The beach looks wonderful and so does the pool. I dare you to slide down that water-slide, BTW ;>)! I'm so sorry about your camera, what a bummer.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a wonderful place to stay. The pool does look inviting. Nice to have a seashore option, too. Sorry to hear of the loss of your camera!