25 Apr 2016


I had made plans for the weekend according to the weather forecast. But either the weatherman behaves like a politician and changes his mind all the time according to the mood of what people want to hear, or he loves in my case the 2000 and something sorts of beer a little too much !

In any case instead of the expected snow in the Ardennes and hail in our region, we had a rather sunny day with some fluffy clouds from time to time. But it was too late to change my program so I did laundry, turned off the deep freezer and carried the content in a cool box over to my neighbor's deep freezer to stock it there until mine was defrosted and cleaned.

I did a lot of blogging too and we even put Oscar the lawn mower robot out before the hail or rain started. Nothing started !

I was fed up staying home and called Nicole who was in the same situation. We decided to have a coffee in our new discovered Brasserie at the Mont St. Jean farm.

When we arrived to our big surprise they were busy to transform one of the barns into a bar and a little snack. From what we could see it looked rather nice. As it was Saturday I couldn't ask anybody what they really built there and the waiters in the "Orangerie du Prince" didn't know nothing.

We had our coffee and made plans for the next week. When we left still no weather catastrophe !

Sunday I went with Ilona to a Garden Center store, which is open on Sundays, usually all other shops or supermarkets are closed which is very boring. We both bought a cute stone cat figurine for our gardens and Ilona some earth. We then had a coffee together before I returned home.

And .... it rained and hailed ! The weatherman was only one day late ! 


diane b said...

Going for coffee is fun when not much else is planned.

Andrew said...

The new bar looks very trendy.

Mara said...

Only one day late? Brilliant. Over here we are starting winter again: it's so cold! On Saturday we even had snow and this morning I had to scrape the car windows. Brrrr

Fun60 said...

In Northern Europe the weather plays a big part in our activities. My weekend was full of outdoor things to see as so much going on in London but it was freezing. I had to dig out my winter clothes again!

Tamago said...

Haha, only one day late, that doesn't sound too bad :-)
The brasserie must be doing really well as they are adding bar area. It does look very pleasant place to hang out!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

One day late isn't bad as far as weather forecaster's records go. (I'm glad you got out some before the storm arrived). My friend says she wishes she'd been a weather forecaster -- you never get in trouble or fired when you make a mistake no matter how wrong you are. (She was a nurse and she said they would have frowned if she'd made that many mistakes dispensing medicines ;>)!)

Loree said...

See, you got your rain and hail :) It's a bit cooler here too but I know it won't last.

carol l mckenna said...

Hard to get the correct weather ~ Glad you used your time creatively ~ sounds like fun ~

Happy Week to you ~ ^_^