29 Apr 2016


1. Our usual aqua gym female trainer was on holidays instead we had a young man in his late 20th. He was quite amusing and hopped with us vintage ladies in the swimming pool. Although his name was Jonathan, I called him Mr. Yes for myself, because he always shouted "yesssssss, yesssss" or "go, go," which to you doesn't sound strange but in a group of only French speaking ladies it sounded  very interesting and that's what he probably wanted to be. I thought I should speak English with him, but then I changed my mind, in case he couldn't speak English and I didn't want to embarass him. Poor boy did his best.

2. Now that spring has officially arrived we have a potpourri of weather. It hails, then rains, then snows and it is cold just above 0°. The sky is grey and dull and this weather takes away all energy. And people are all tired ! Fortunately I am retired so it doesn't matter that I fell asleep watching TV at 12 after I had eaten and suddenly it was 3 when I woke up ! That has never happened ! Nicole who normally should come called me at 4 to say that the same thing happened to her only she just woke up. So we both were not in a mood to go out and get holes in our heads with the hail.

3. My deep freezer after defrosting and cleaning was empty as my wallet so I went to Picard the store specialized in deep frozen food and bought all kind of mixed vegetables, etc and now it is full again. My cats also suffer from this dreadful weather and have fallen in winter sleep again.

4. For our holidays in Turkey, Nicole as a Belgian needs a visa, I don't need one with my German passport, which is not logical as we are supposed to be real members of the European Union. Fortunately you can do this online. So we first met in our Chinese restaurant and had a delicious lunch, with the result that we changed our minds and instead of filling out the paper with the computer at Nicole's,  we decided to go to a new hairdresser in the Carrefour store. This is female logic.

We had our hair cut and laughed with the girls and really had a nice time. It was the first time since at least 10 years that I had changed my hairdresser and was quite happy with the result. Could have been worse ! With our new heads we then had a coffee and met a friend of Nicole's and started to chat. Suddenly it was 5 pm and I had to return home to finish my blogging !

5. The lazy week continued only interrupted by my painting course where some had come back from holidays and told us their adventures. The afternoon I spent at my computer, it hailed or snowed again outside !

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  1. I laughed about your impromptu visit to the hairdresser. I wouldn't dare change my hairdresser who has looked after my hair for 40 year!! Only once did I have it cut by someone else and it looked as though a horse had been chewing the ends. Very straight hair like mine needs an expert eye to cut it without making a mess.

  2. Your weather sounds just like ours! It is tempting to just nap through it. Loved the story about the hairdresser. you never know where you'll end up with a best girlfriend.

  3. I cannot understand this weird weather. Here it is already like summer and in Belgium and England it is still snowing. Everything has gone mad, including the weather.

  4. I love Picard! Usually when I go there I can't resit and buy almost everything they have!

  5. I laughed about the haircut! Glad it worked well. I have had the experience of changing hairdressers, having the new one do a bad job and then going back to the old one. Not fun. For some reason, the one you tried to abandon doesn't like that very much; you have to get down on your knees to apologize and tip her well when you come back ;>)


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