3 Mar 2016


My vet is an extraordinary woman. You can feel that she adores animals and that's not only her work for an income. My neighbor's cat was old and sick and the decision was taken to put her asleep. The vet came over to my neighbor's house so that the cat could die at home. My neighbor was devastated and cried and cried and what did our vet do ? She comforted her, asked for a box, put the cat inside and buried her in the garden. Have you ever heard of a vet like this ?

My cats when they have to go there are not afraid at all. She is so gentle. Arthur had been bitten in his tail and almost lost it. So he got a surgery to keep his tail. When I wanted to pick him up he was walking around in the consultation room, and watched all sick animals laying on the table, because he had meowed that loud that she couldn't keep him in the cage and as he is such a social cat she let him free walking all over the place. Even the biggest dogs shut up !


Charlie my friend's dog had to get his yearly shots. When he got out of the car, he pulled her to the entrance as if a big bone would wait there and not the vet ! He greeted her with a waggling tail and even forgave the shots. The vet said that Charlie is getting too fat and that he must eat lighter and then she gave Nicole a huge bag of 12 kgs dog food, for free !


Everybody in our street who has an animal is going to her, it's now at least over 20 years that we know each other, she was just a young new starting vet. She knew all my cats over the years and never forgets Arthur the crooner, each time I met her by coincidence in the city !

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  1. Furry friends make me smile so I am glad I am here smiling. Today was a bit of a tough day. First we lost EG CameraGirl and her hubby February 22 and now Smiling Sally (DiStefano) at Blue Monday. I don;t like losing my bloggy friends, so I came to say you mean a lot to me and I love knowing you here. I know I am straitghtforward in my shares and comments but I truly love all my friends here.
    Take care and enjoy the week.
    S M I L E
    xo Anne

  2. Will the real Arthur please stand up! When it was time say goodbye to our last dog, the vet was very nice and later she sent us flowers to our home.

  3. Oh my, that Arthur is Attitude with a capital A! I love the sound of your vet. She's unique. We have the same vet for 22 years and she knows all our pets well too. I always laugh about the vets that Grant used to find via his workers in Khartoum and later in Tanzania. They arrived on a motorbike (not always on time as it often broke down) and I had to assist them in cat inoculations, inserting the micro chips and also help with spaying and neutering cats and dogs in our home. In Kenya we had a darling Indian vet. The cats never shivered and shook when they had to visit him. He had a canvas holder (shaped like a sports bag) into which his Kenyan assistants would place the cat, secure it with Velcro straps, and then the vet would inject the cat and later work on it in peace. Grant had one of these made in Tanzania by our local tailor. It worked well for all the mine's cats except Shadow! I loved this post. Really warm-hearted.

  4. I wish all veterinarians could be so compassionate and helpful. And all doctors too, for that matter. What a neat lady!


  5. After several go-arounds, we have finally found a good vet here in Brunswick. Anyone who can keep Violet, our cat, calm is a good vet in my book. He would really prefer that we keep Violet as an inside only cat, but she was once feral and craves the outside. She's gotten in some scraps lately, though. Hope you are well and happy, Gattina!!

  6. That's so nice. She sounds like the perfect vet.

  7. I have a veterinarian that I really like too. My late dog always enjoyed going. The one I have now was a rescue that I got from one of her technicians, so she likes to go because she knows all of them from when she lived there. I have to drive back to where we used to live, but it's not that far and certainly worth it.

  8. Sounds like you have a really nice vet, Gatina. We liked our vet too.. She fell in love with Adi, our beagle dog. Everyone in the office did too. We cried when Adi was put to sleep. They all cried with us. In a few days we got a card signed by all who worked there.
    I don't think you knew Adi. She was on my blog a lot. I'd like for you search for her (upper left hand corner).

  9. Oh wonderful fur persons photos ~ Lovely post ~

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  10. Wow, indeed a Vet with a big heart!
    It's always a good thing when you can find a Doctor dedicated, not just for the money, but out of integrity for their profession.

    visiting from warm heart wednesday.

  11. Now that's a vet! I'd love to have a medical doctor like her.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  12. It's always great to meet anyone who loves their job and is good at it, but especially in a profession like this one. What a lovely, caring person. How did Arthur get his tail bitten?

  13. We have two vets at my clinic that I absolutely adore! Of course, I get to see them a lot with so many animals. I think a good vet is very important. I love Arthur!

  14. I'm in the process of finding a new vet.. in my new surroundings. I hope I am as lucky as you, and as I have been in the past with previous vets. It sure can put your mind at ease to know your babies are in good hands.

  15. You are lucky to have such a compassionate vet. My crazy poodle shakes like a leaf whenever we take him to the vets - hopefully soon they will be able to take his temperature without sticking a thermometer up his bum, he would like going there a lot better if they did!
    Have a happy week!
    Wren x

  16. We love our vet too. It's so important to have confidence in one's vet as one's animals are so vulnerable.

  17. We always adored our vet, too.

    Our weiner dogs really loved him.

    Our last visit to him was when we had to put Oscar down.

    He told us to hug him and pat him and tell him thank you.

    We did.

    It didn't make it any easier but he was (and remains) a caring and compassionate vet.

    Thanks for the loving link to week 16.



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