5 Feb 2016


1. I noticed that each week I complain about the bad weather ! It really makes me feel caged ! I run out of outside pictures, can't walk in the woods or parks, or visit special places etc. I am not at all a window shopper or boutique visitor, which leaves me with museums shopping centers and Galleries. I can't sit the whole day in a station and watch people ! From my three umbrellas, there is none left, I forgot them somewhere and have to buy a new one or better two !

That's  Waterloo's main street ! Rather wet isn't it ?

As my friends are in the same case, what do we do ? We get together and chat ! That's less boring.

2. Fortunately I have my blogwork. I have finally time to file my pictures in the right folders read blogs, make comments and surf the net for all kind of things. I have also continued to read this blog since its very beginning and have noticed that I already complained about the weather ! My neighbor is again hospitalized and her daughter asked me to walk the dog once in the afternoon, which I did with pleasure, the funny thing was, it stopped raining probably because I went outside.

3. It's interesting to read and also how blogging has changed, less funny games and themes we played together as groups. Many old bloggers have moved to Facebook, which is not the same at all, or to this useless Google+, where you are not even allowed to comment on blogs without becoming member of this thing.

4. Nicole had a new TV channel provider installed which comes together with internet and telephone in a package. I went over to connect her tablet to her own internet and we also tried out the new channels. The only one who enjoys rain is Charlie the dog, he doesn't bother to be wet like a sponge.

5. We had lunch together in the "Lunch Garden" having Charlie with us is always a lot of fun because everybody who loves dogs asks if they could pet him, how old he is and  start to chat about their own dogs or cats.

This time Charlie was especially happy because for lunch we had half a chicken !He was delighted that it was too much for us and kindly helped us to finish the plate ! He never begs, he only puts his head on my lap and looks at me ! Who could resist such a look.


Anonymous said...

guten Morgen!

Fun60 said...

This is the time of year I visit a lot of museums and exhibitions. It has been difficult to go out to visit more underground stations because it is so wet. But really I shouldn't complain as it isn't cold. Winter has passed us by as the parks are now full of spring flowers.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - splodgy .. to say the least. Glad you can happily entertain yourselves ... cheers Hilary

Latane Barton said...

Sorry you are caught up in all this rain. But, maybe the sun will come out soon and you can get about with your camera and then you'll have lots of pictures to share.

Maribeth said...

Today we have snow! Ugh! I hopw we do not get much because I am ready for winter to be over!!!

Faith said...

in my part of New York STate (about 2 hours north of NYC) we still don't have ANY SNOW!!!! YAY!!!!! We did have one day of rain earlier this week...and then it smelled like spring! But..it is winter again today...a cold wind is blowing but the sun is out.

That dog is pretty!!

I love going to museums. It's been awhile since I've been to one.

have a happy weekend!!

Barbara H. said...

Hope you get some sunshine soon. I'm an indoor person and don't mind being inside, but it is still a better day when the sun is shining. I'm surprised at dogs being allowed in restaurants - we don't see that much here. That sweet face would be hard to resist.

I miss some of the blogging games and such, too. I think another aspect to the change is that some blogs have gone "professional" - trying to earn money - and maybe their owners think games and memes and such don't quite fit any more.

Anonymous said...

Dogs have a way of enjoying even the nastiest of weather, and finding their way into our hearts--and to our food. We had a lot of rain here, too, finally sun today. So nice you can get together with your friends, and it's really nice to get things done that we don't ordinarily have time to do.

Willow said...

Charlie, you are too cute! Dogs just enjoy most any weather as long as there is chicken.
We had a tiny bit of rain here and we rejoiced. Please send us some of your excess rain. At least you have friends, food, and museums to amuse you while it rains.

Loree said...

I wouldn't be able to resist Charlie either. He is such a good dog.

Susanne said...

I do miss the old blogging days where we played memes and tagged each other. It was more fun somehow. Friendships are a good thing especially to keep one company when you are housebound with bad weather!