4 Jan 2016


Saturday I stayed home ! Mr. G. had been downtown and told me that the center is full, impossible to find a parking space because the winter sales had started ! 

The shops were full of these signs and if you wait long enough maybe you can get everything for free. The whole thing lasts for a month. Each week the prices decrease and at the end you have the sales on Sales.

Instead I started to take off our Christmas decoration. I had enough. In the past we kept it until January 6, but now we just wait that the New Year is over.

I took a memory picture from the 2015 decoration, put everything in a box, Mr. G. brought it in the basement and there it will rest for a year.

Now our living looks normal again.

On Sunday as the sun was shining a bit, I thought I'll have a look on the Sales. Exceptionally the shops were open for this purpose. I had a boutique in mind which usually is quite expensive but has really nice things. So I only went there and found a nice pullover in mohair to a very reasonable price.

Of course I had to wear it in the evening when I went with Nicole to the cinema.  or at least that was our intention.

We arrived early and walked a bit around the Gallery, very convenient because outside it rained cats and dogs. Then we had a sandwich and finally we went to buy our tickets. Of course the movie was outsold, we were too late. Stupid girls we thought, why didn't we buy first the tickets and then walk around ?

It was early evening not even 6.30 and as there was nothing else to do than going to the cinema during the week or next Sunday, we went to our favorite Pub "La pomme" (the Apple).

There it was quite full and I noticed that they had completely changed the decor

It now looked as if we were in Spain ! At first I didn't like it, because I found the old one more cozy, but then I got used of it, maybe in spring and summer it will look more adequate !

That's how it looked before.


Mara said...

I remember those signs when I first moved to Brussels a lifetime ago. Never did do much shopping though at that time: no money for anything!

modern nomad said...

Sounds like a fun time.
Have a great Monday...

Noodle and crew

Fun60 said...

Good to get the house back to normal. I have taken everything down except the tree which I will do on the 6th. Old habits die hard.

Jo said...

A living room with cats only displayed. I like that! Aw, imagine that you didn't buy the tickets first but the Apple Pub looks really nice - the new decor. I wish you'd shown the mohair pullover... Happy 2016 to you all. Jo

Loree said...

I put away our Christmas stuff too. I miss it at first but then I get used to it not being there. Yes that pub definitely has a Spanish or Mexican look. I am sure it will look great in the summer.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

That pub is trying to mess with your mind!

Anonymous said...

thanks for linking! hope, we will see us again next friday,
herzlich Pippa