7 Jan 2016


When my friend Ilona and I went to the Brussels Christmas market, her friend Domi asked if she could come with us. Of course she could.

She absolutely wanted to buy a sandwich, I wondered why, because she just had lunch. But it was not for her but for a "homeless", she had met I don't know where and how, but she had taken him into her heart. He was a rather young man probably in his 30, who had lost his mother fell into deep depression, was fired by his boss and landed on the street. This is the short version. There he saved a little puppy and bottle fed him and he was his only companion.

Now the little dog was sick and he had no money to go to the vet. There is a vet clinic for the poors and homeless, which had been created by Prince Laurent, the King's brother. Unfortunately the clinic was far away and he had no money for the bus. Domi had arranged to find a vet nearby who checked the dog for free, but he had to pay the medication. I wanted to see the man and the dog and we went visiting him.  He sat on a cover in a corner of the street the dog well covered in a sleeping bag, he didn't move when we petted him. We asked the man how much he would need for the medication and Domi wanted to pay for that too, but Ilona and I gave him the money as Domi has not very much either for living. He was so grateful that we were ashamed ! We said good bye and continued our way on the Christmas market.

I noticed once more that the less you have the generous you are. Wealthy people are often stingy !

I didn't take a picture I thought it wouldn't be nice.

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diane b said...

How good of DomI and you others to help the young homeless man.

Susan Anderson said...

Heartwarming story, and I hope his dog will be okay.


Jo said...

Oh what a lovely gesture by Domi, you and Ilona.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - I think it's thoughtlessness ... I'm glad you were able to help. Getting back on one's feet must be so difficult - all the best - Hilary

Mara said...

Good on you!

Reader Wil said...

Whata beautiful story! In our church our Christmsas theme was try to find the angel in other people and try to be an angel yourself.
It is absolutely true: the less you have the more you give. Thanks for this quote.
Wil,ABCW Team

Norma Ruttan said...

Domi is quite courageous in "adopting" this young man and his dog. Domi reminds me of the woman in the parable in Scripture who gave all she had and the rich man gave some of his "extra" money. I hope the young man is able to recover. How kind of you not to take a picture.

A Lady's Life said...

we also have free animal services for the homeless.

The homeless situation is getting larger every year.
Life is getting to be pretty scary.
Poor guy.
We gave one guy a hat cloves socks a Burger King burger meal
He lived under a bridge by the train tracks.
My friend wanted to take him home and her husband said no.
She said what's he going to do kill us?
Apparently later we found out he did kill someone lol
Anyway, later we came and saw he left and threw the hat and gloves and socks away.
So goes to show.

Anonymous said...

So wonderful of you to help! Truly a story of your kind, generous heart.

peppylady (Dora) said...

So sad that there homeless people in our world. I don't know about your area. But I know people who takes in around $750 us dollars, and pays out $450 in rent and not including heat, lights, and etc.
Coffee is on

Betty said...

That was such a heart warming story. I'm sure that puppy is his best friend and I'm glad he'll be getting his medicine now.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

That is good of you and your friends. There are homeless everywhere . Near our (new) Oregon home there are some deserving such as your young man but many others who call themselves travelers" who are homeless on purpose .. If you give them money, they will want more every time they see you and so you have to ignore them. In the city there are several shelters and missions available, but they won't go there because they can't drink or smoke pot.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Good for you and your friend to help the man with his medication. I'm with you, Gattina. The more material wealth some people have, the more stingy they are about giving, even to themselves. I don't get it.

Judie said...

Gattina, I think if wealthy people could appreciate just what it is like to go without, the might loosen their purse strings. I have a very close friend whose husband is very wealthy. She never wants for any material thing, but unlike others with money to burn, she is always ready to help people in need. She tells me when God sees someone who would benefit from her generosity, He winks at her. I don't know about the "God" part, but she is just such a generous and loving soul. I always enjoy your posts, Gattina. I have learned so much about your area of the world, right from my own desk chair!!

Annesphamily said...

Your generous hearts are what makes me smile. Too often people ignore the poor and homeless. I have heard that homeless people often have pets because they have no one to show them love. I will pray for the man and his dog and hope he is properly cared for. Your generous hearts made me warm my heart today. Have a good New Year and my mother use to work for the wealthiest family in town where we grew up, bankers. She always said the ultra wealthy were so stingy. So sad. Hugs, Anne