17 Jul 2015


1. My friend and neighbor had gone on a one week holiday, when suddenly two workers rang our bell asking for her key. They had to put new tiles on her terrace. The keys were not the problem, but Dominique has an alarm and I had never disactivate this thing ! I put in the code and suddenly a shrill noise went off, throwing all neighbors out of their bed, if they were still sleeping ! I was so shocked that I closed the door, but the thing went on and on. Finally I got in again, tried once again the code and suddenly there was a deadly silence. I pushed a sign of relief and the workers could get in for water and electricity. In my excitement I had left out one number of the code ! To switch on the alarm again when the workers had finished, I sent Mr. G ! I didn't want another catastrophe to happen !

2. As I had a cold, I went to my Doctor to check if it was finished. She is a real fancy lady and while she did my check up we chatted so much that I forgot to pay and she didn't notice. Meanwhile the waiting room was full of men who had to wait and probably had listened to our laughter and conversation. I returned the next day and payed !

3.  I had to go to "my" Indian shop, to buy my night creme.

and as usual, I broke the promise to myself not to buy anything, I couldn't resist to buy this little wallet to keep the coins apart.

4. I spent the afternoon at Ilona's we couldn't even go out it was raining once again ! On my way back I stopped at a shoe shop, because my beige shoes looked as if I had fished them out of a bin and bought new once. Fortunately I found a pair which I liked immediately and didn't loose my time in this shop. Coming home I threw the old pair in the bin and today I will wear the new once.

5. We continue our roller coaster weather ! The whole week we had just 15°C (59 F) and today 27° (81 F) !

If we still had the Roman weathergod Jupiter I would suspect him he drinks too much of the good Belgian beer !! We even have one which sounds like him "Jupiler" ! One day you walk around in sweaters and raincoats and the next day in shorts and T-shirts !

It was awfully hot when I had to drive my neighbor to the hospital for her monthly shot in her eye. The poor girl could hardly breath and I had to drive her almost inside the hospital which fortunately had air condition and also in my car it was nice and cool.

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Jo said...

Oh and how shrill those alarms are! I've had the same experience as you, and when I read your post, my heart thumped just thinking about it! I love the coin purse. I can just imagine the men outside clenching their teeth thinking they had to wait for two women laughing and chatting. Years ago my MIL was with us in a large shopping mall. Her sandals were so broken, she clenched her toes to keep them on, so she walked like a crab on my arm. We took her into a shoe shop, fitted a new pair, but she asked that we put them in the bag and she put her sandals on again. Outside we'd only taken three or four wobbly steps, when Grant pushed her onto a bench, took off her broken sandals, threw them into a bin and asked me to fit her new shoes! She never likes to have anything taken away even if you replace it with a new item. Mmm. Have a wonderful warm weekend. Jo

Claire Justine said...

Oh no the alarms are so loud. Love the cat wallet :)

Hope you have a lovely and warm weekend..

Faith said...

The same thing happened to me and my daughters one time at the family beach house my inlaws used to own...that darn alarm would NOT stop ringing and the fire trucks showed up. From then on I made someone else do it!! You were smart to send over your husband the next time....haha....

We have had perfect summer weather here in New York State (I live on the eastern side near Massachusetts and Vermont). But the forecast calls for rain and high temperatures/humidity for the weekend. But today is only 74 F and perfect!!

Cute little purse!!

Enjoy the weekend

Maribeth said...

We have had such a terrible summer. For every nice day, we have had 4 of rain and another 3 of hot, hot weather! I do enjoy the nice warm weather, but I like it to be dry air, nor humid.
I've worked in my garden a lot, to no avail, and been busy walking dogs, taking care of Hubby, and going off to babysit Savannah.
All while having a terrible stye an my eye!
Aside from those minor irritations, I have enjoyed all my time with Savi and the time spent with friends and family.

Anonymous said...

Very cute cat wallet. I wouldn't resist either! Glad you could help out your friend in this hot weather. The 70s(F) are much more comfortable, aren't they?

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

House alarm stories!!! -grin- We had our alarm on, as we always do, when we are not home. Daughter came over and opened door. Alarm went off, with a horrrrrible screech. She had not learned code. So she ran home. Which is just 2 doors down.

Yes the police came and all that.

She still refuses to use her key, on our door, since then. And to learn the code. LOL...


Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

We aren't n roller-coaster weather here. Not the cold to hot kind. Just the lovely kind, to be replaced with the hot/muggy kind.

Must enjoy our couple of perrrrrrrrrrfect days and nights. The hot/muggy will be back.


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I can just hear that alarm going off. We don't have a system like that, but I've set off smoke alarms a few times (no comments about my cooking please ;>)) and my ears rattle so much I can't ever remember right away what to do.

That changeable weather is difficult. Our youngest son and his wife live in Colorado which is famous for that... they may start off the day in hot sunshine and than have the temperature plummet in the afternoon or vice versa. They carry coats and sweaters in their cars to be prepared for anything. I don't think I'd like to live in that, but they like it.

Anonymous said...

The cat wallet is cute! Glad you figured out the alarm - I am not good with those things. That's quite a range in weather. I like it in-between those two temperatures. :-)

peppylady (Dora) said...

Not sure how the alarms works over there. But if one goes off I know there a few to have it check out.
It wasn't been to bad recently as for the weather.
Coffee is on

Susanne said...

I don't know what I would do without my car air conditioning! Your weather sounds like ours right now. It's been super hot all week and then Thursday and Friday were so cold with rain that I had to dig out a sweater and jeans. Now today is sunny and hot again.

Well a new pair of shoes would definitely make my list of favourite things. Your antics with the alarm made me laugh. I can almost picture it all. LOL.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely relationship you have with your doctor. I am on the hunt for one that I click with. Good job on remembering (the next day) to go back and pay. How funny.
Since it was a cat item, it doesn't count as shopping, right? Such a cute way to keep your coins together.
Hope this week's weather is more agreeable.

jennyfreckles said...

Those alarms are so scary - and yet no-one seems to take any notice of them when they go off.

Cloudia said...

You are most enjoyable company, G!


diane b said...

A fun read about your week. We have had some fun with our alarm system too. Sure is crazy weather. We have pretty constant cold at the moment.

Fun60 said...

We have an alarm and I must say it freaks me out if if goes off. The noise inside the house is unbelievable so I can understand your reluctance to return to the house.