30 Mar 2015


Being fed up with the rain, I finally decided to discover the new Shopping Center in Nivelles, the next "big" town near Waterloo.

It turned out to be very nice, and lots of people had the same idea as me, the shopping center was very crowded. I was lucky to find a parking space, somebody just left. I started to walk inside protected from the rain and discovered that all the shops we have in Waterloo on the main street were here under one roof. I took some pictures, sat on the nice seats and even found a nice cardigan for half price ! Madame GPS on my return went crazy and I did a sightseeing of places I had never seen. Unfortunately I couldn't stop and take pictures because of the rain. So I really don't know where I have been but suddenly I was in Waterloo and found my home !

As each year at the same time we sprang because of spring to summertime; And as usual there were the same complaints and interviews on TV because of one hour difference. Many countries have used it at various times, but it really started since the energy crisis of the 1970s, so we should used to it by now. They should record the yearly complaints and play them each year, because it's always the same. One hour difference, I don't even realize !

Even my cats don't care. Here is Arthur before and after the daylight saving time.

On Sunday late afternoon I went with two friends to the cinema to see the so much praised movie

Still Alice. Marianne was particularly involved because her husband has just started Alzheimer and I had thought that it would do her good to see the future and at least know and more understand this terrible disease and how to handle it. At the beginning she was watching quietly, sitting besides her I felt her fear. When  Alice started to get lost and it got worse and worse, she only saw the symptoms and didn't understand the movie and started to cry. I felt so sorry for her but tried to concentrate on this extraordinary movie.

But when we got out it was the catastrophe, she cried and cried and we tried to comfort her and went in a Tavern for a drink.

There she started to blame me because I had suggested her to see this movie.
She complained and complained about the future. Nicole and I suddenly understood that she was not crying for her husband, but because she pitied herself. It was always about what a life she would have, that she couldn't travel anymore that she had to take him with her now all the time etc etc. We told her that she has to pull herself together, and get used to cope with it now that she knew more about this disease, there she told us that she knew already everything because she had been at the Alzheimer association and is part of a group of people living with Alzheimer. It was useless to comfort her, she was so deeply sad about herself, and continued to whine and whine, so that Nicole at a moment got very angry, told her what she thought and that she should stop to pity herself ! That helped, we finished our drinks and returned home. I learned something of this experience. Don't try to help such selfish people, its just a waste of time, it ended that she was angry with both of us. Not even once she had mentioned her husband.


Cloudia said...

Toxic people should be kept safely at bay!

ALOHA from Honolulu

Linens and Royals said...

Our clocks go back this weekend. I get confused for the first 24 hours and want to go to bed too early.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - I saw Still Alice recently it was very good and interesting. Difficult for someone to adjust to the potential future for herself and her husband .. give her empathy ...

Take care - Hilary

Gracie said...

Unfortunately I know what you're talking about...my father had the same desease for almost 10 years before he died

Alice Audrey said...

For those of us in the North, that hour makes the difference between getting up with the sun, an walking to school in the dark.

Halcyon said...

Looks like a nice place to shop. I like the longer days of DST.

Andrew said...

Perhaps some self pity is allowed and part of her adjustment to her husband's condition and their future. Actions speak louder than words, so see how she deals with it along the way. That day may have been the only time she has been able to emotionally release, brought on by seeing the movie and could be good for her be upset and cry. Maybe I am trying to see too much good as you know her better.

Marcy said...

Funny thing, I enjoy malls in the summer time with nice air conditioning to escape from the heat!!

And I was just recovering from jetlag and now this new time...by the way, Chile just abolished DST, so no more confusions in that country anymore, love it.

Feel sorry for your friend, caregiver is not an easy task no matther what the illness/weakness...

Trying to decide. To blog or not to blog, that is the question!;)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I love DST, but we have the same thing over here with people moaning around; good grief! I didn't even mind it when I was working . Of course now I just go to bed when I want to and get up when I want to anyway....and actually can sleep in a little later because it is darker in the morning; I usually wake with the light.

I feel bad for your(former?) friend -- life is not going to be easy for her at all, especially with her attitude. People won't want to help her and she will need support.