31 Mar 2015


When the weather is bad, where can you go and walk around ? In a shopping center ! A new shopping center of 28.600 m² (308.000 ft) in total containing 101 units had been opened 2 years ago in the nearby town Nivelles, but so far I had never been there. A parking for 1392 cars is also available. That sounds a lot but when I arrived it was full. Fortunately some people left and I could park my car rather quickly.

The Nivelles shopping centre has solar panels for energy reducing, and a healthy indoor lighting.

The entrance

the fully packed parking with the Hotel Nivelles behind

Many people had the same idea as I had and it was quiet crowded.

Nice lamps were hanging over the aisles

There were many restaurants and cafés, benches to sit down, I liked these quaint seats.

The first Easter eggs

Despite the cold outside there were many people lining up for Australian ice cream

an American store

the famous Belgian chocolates,

All kind of different items

and a frog greeting the children. I also liked this shopping caddie for parents with kids

more participants here


Anonymous said...

So many delicious shops!

Fun60 said...

Shopping centres have changed so much There was a time you could only shop there but now there are cinemas, restaurants and exhibitions. A whole entertainment centre.

Murthy K v v s said...

All pics are wonderful.

Jo said...

That's a beautifully light indoors. Great decor all over. And YUM to the Aussie ice cream and Belgium chocolates. I would be so fat if I lived in a cold country! Thanks for sharing your world. Jo

carol l mckenna said...

Beautiful photos of a very creative shopping center being ecologically concerned ~

Happy Week to you,
artmusedog and carol

ps. ~ There are ads that flash across your blog ~ not sure where they come from ~ thought you might like to know

Mara said...

I used to love large shopping centers, but I have reverted back to the good old high street. There you can still find some shops that are not in chains! Although they get rarer now as well.

Mind you, if I have nothing to do and there is a big center in the area: you might just find me there!

Andrew said...

Australian ice cream? What could that be? These large shopping centres look very similar in every country of the world. We call the public seating in shopping centres, Dad seats, somewhere for the husband to sit while waiting for his wife who is in a dress shop.

Photo Cache said...

I sometimes like to window shop inside the mall.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Nice looking mall -- indoors with nice outdoor-like lighting. A hundred years ago or so when I was still working, I sometimes used to walk at a mall near us for the exercise (in the rainy dark winter weather). It's not a terrible way to get up and move after (or before) sitting at a desk all day long as I used to.