27 Mar 2015


1. When I arrived at my aqua gym class I stated with pleasure that the trees are trying to get out their leaves !

Nature becomes green ! Was about time.

2. Sitting in my car I heard at the radio about a terrible plane crash in France. When I came home I immediately switched on the TV to knew more about it ! It had happened in the southern French Alps. The German airplane  " Germanwings" had 150 passengers on board,  amongst them 16 German teenagers and two teachers. The plane should fly from Barcelona to Duesseldorf. According to the BBC, the flight was also carrying three Britons, and citizens of Spain, Australia, Japan, Colombia, Turkey, Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium.

A search and recovery operation has started in the Alps. From the plane nothing is left but pieces. The access into the mountains is only possible by helicopter. It will take some time to find out more about the inexplicable crash of an airplane which apparently had no technical problems.

Meanwhile the school in Germany is mourning. On the  poster above is written : "Yesterday we were many today we are alone".

3. Nicole had invited me for a chat on her terrace and as usual, the weather changed the sun disappeared and we had to stay inside.

Charlie brought me his toy basket and wanted me to play with him !

4. Ilona celebrated her 72 birthday

Her 79 old neighbor showed up with a bottle of champagne. We had a very nice afternoon. The neighbor was very entertaining had traveled a lot and made us laugh with his stories.

1. I had run out of my night cream, so I went to "my" Indian shop where I always buy my creams. They are natural and very good.

This time it wasn't so peaceful in there, an old lady had stolen a basket and a piece of fabric. The 3 volunteers stopped her at the door and took the basket back. The old lady started to scream that she had stolen nothing and she just wanted to offer them the fabric, she had also stolen before. She made a big mess and finally 2 policewomen and one policeman arrived and the hysterical screaming continued. I don't know the end of the story, but apparently it hadn't been the first time. It is really a shame to steal in a shop who sells things for the benefit of orphans and street children in India.

To comfort myself because of the bad weather I bought this beautiful necklace and two little wallets for coins, which I keep with my gifts I buy during the year for special occasions. After having assisted to the free theater play in the Indian shop I returned home.

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  1. Ja, das ist ein schreckliches Unglück mit dem Absturz und ich fühle mich immer irgendwie hilflos, wenn ich solche Dinge erfahre...
    Die Kette und die Geldbörsen sind wunderschön, die hätte ich mir auch ausgesucht und von diesem Laden träume ich schon seit dem letzten Post.
    Liebe Grüsze und ein schönes WE

  2. Love the necklace and the coin purses. Very pretty, especially the elephant purse.

    I only heard about the plane crash in bits and pieces, mainly because I hardly watch the news. Very sad indeed.

  3. Hi Gattina - the crash is dreadful and so very sad and so unnecessary.

    But lovely Spring really is greening up - I noticed it yesterday and so good to see .. and it is a little warmer ...

    Take care - and I love the necklace and the little purses ... Hilary

  4. An interesting week for you. From your mention of the issue in the Indian shop, I have remembered something that happened and we witnessed in Sydney. I'll get around to writing about it and I have made a start so I don't forget.

  5. The Germanwings crash is so sad, that the co-pilot did it on purpose. Why, oh why?

    And then seeing the old woman stealing...I am sorry you have had such a sad week.

  6. Terrible news about the German Wings flight! I think it's on a lot of minds today.

  7. Glad Spring is trying to make the trees green for you. Ours are green all year round. The reason for the plane crash is horrific. Those poor passengers and other crew members. Charlie is delightful bringing his basket of toys, how cute. Happy birthday to your friend. Love the necklace. You sure had some dramas while shopping.

  8. So sad about the plane crash. Lovely necklace and wallets. You've been busy with your friends ... precious dog! Happy Friday!

  9. I feel sorry for the shoplifter... did she seem confused? Love your purchases though. Thanks for joining in xo

  10. My heart goes out to the passengers of the plane crash and their families. How terrible that the old lady stole from your nice Indian shop. Obviously not the first time! Glad you found that necklace which is so you. And the little purses are kitty shapes. How do you find these things? Have a great weekend. Jo

  11. To lose a loved family member in a plane crash must be horrendous but how do you come to terms with the knowledge that it was a deliberate act of murder?

  12. That plane crash was horrible and worse yet to know that it was deliberate & for what purpose?
    That is also sad about the lady stealing from the shop. I liked the little purses, they are cute.
    Speaking of cute...Charlie is adorable. How nice that you enjoyed celebrating a birthday of a friend.

  13. The plane crash is so upsetting. Your dog is dear wanting to play! Have a good week.

  14. The trees are starting to develop leaves and buds here, too. It is exciting to watch the progress!

    That is so sad about the plane crash.

    The dog is so cute.

    Happy birthday to your friend! Sounds like a fun celebration!

  15. Our temps have been in the 80s. Nice and warm. The usual spring here.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  16. It was so terribly sad about the plane crash, and my heart goes out to the families!

    You unfortunately find shoplifters at any age!

  17. It was so terribly sad about the plane crash, and my heart goes out to the families!

    You unfortunately find shoplifters at any age!

  18. Looks like a good week with some fun interactions. Glad you can see Spring beginning to bloom!

  19. over here in the states, the news is reporting that the plane crash was done on purpose..that the copilot purposely crashed it and locked the pilot out! NOT good. I'm very sad for the innocent people who were on board. The rest of your week sounds fabulous! how fun to celebrate a birthday and shop in an INdian shop that benefits the poor children. God bless you this weekend!

  20. Gattina,

    I hope spring comes soon for you. It is always refreshing to see blooms, buds and green.

    We have been hearing about the Germanwings plane crash in the French Alps on our news as well. What a sad situation.

    Thank You for dropping by and leaving a comment on my blog. How exciting for me to get a comment from "across the ocean."

  21. Spring has finally arrived there? Yay! I hope you will be able to enjoy tea and conversation outside soon.

  22. The coin purses are quite cute. You've had rather a week of good and bad news. So sorry for those who lost loved ones in that Germanwings flight. Sad all around.

  23. OMC A thief. Dat's pawful. But dat''s a very nice necklace you got. So sum good did come out of da bad.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  24. How pleasant to discover your charming blog!

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  25. We were shocked and saddened by the Germanwings crash. So hearbreaking.

    Your friend looks amazing for 72! Nice that green is starting to show up over there!

  26. Wow that necklace is beautiful!!

  27. And of course now we know more about that terrible plane crash and it is an even sadder story. Our papers are still featuring it as a lead story; the worst part is this could happen anywhere and it makes us realize how little we are in control of our own lives! (I do hope I forget about this before we fly next time.)

    Your personal world last week looked a good one! Spring is on the way, you have good friends to celebrate with or just visit .... life is good.


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