13 Mar 2015


During the night of Monday to Tuesday I woke up several times and stated that something was wrong with me. My whole body was aching and I didn't feel well at all.

2. I panicked because on Sunday I am going to Germany near Cologne, to visit my oldest friend whom I knew from 1951 on. First thing in the morning I called my doctor and went to her consultation. She said that I had the beginning of a flu ! How nice. 

While she did the prescription for a special medication to prevent that the flu really comes out, I observed a squirrel which ate from the feeder she has in her garden. Was it cute ! Our squirrels are reddish and much smaller than the once you see in the States and in the UK.

I went to the pharmacy to pick up my medication and spent the rest of the week between computer, bed and TV !


Even the bin men seemed interesting to me, especially because it was not the normal garbage, but furniture, mattresses and all kind of stuff people got rid off. The whole day cars went by to collect mostly the metal, before the official bin truck arrived.


From my window I saw a squirrel in the neighbor's garden, I can't remember when I have seen one here around.

Of course I couldn't go to my painting class, I couldn't go nowhere, I felt lousy and had no energy at all.

Today I feel a little better and hopefully will have recovered by Sunday when I go per coach to Cologne where my friend picks me up at the station.

and here we are as children and then as adults. That was the last time I have seen her.

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  1. I hope you feel better and ready to go!

  2. I hope and pray that you'll be feeling much better soon and be able to enjoy your time with your friend. You and your friend look so much alike :).

  3. Sorry you had flu symptoms. In Africa that would mean you go for a malaria test! Enjoy your visit with your German friend. In the 1953 photo are you the girl with the plaits? Jo

  4. The flu yuk..no fun. Hope your visit with your friend was a nice one.

    Coffee is on

  5. I hope you will feel better before the weekend and that you won't get sick again on the coach (I always seemed to get sick). Have a good visit with your friend.

  6. What a bummer to be catching the flu but at least you were able to get some medication and I do hope you are able to visit your friend. I think it's wonderful that you've been friends with each other for such a long time.
    Love your "red squirrels." They really do look different from the ones where I live.

  7. I'm so sorry you're sick - hope you are feeling better in time for your trip.

    I was surprised at how red the squirrels there are. The ones here are grey. They can be cute, but they tend to monopolize the bird feeder, which I don't like.

  8. Sorry about the flu, Gattina, but it seems you kept yourself occupied ;-)

  9. Oh I hope you feel totally well and are on the way happily.

  10. Beautiful photos, i love your blog, follow me and i Follow you back, kisses

  11. Hope you are on the mend and are all ready to go see your friend tomorrow healthy and happy!

  12. Hi Gattina!! Wow...what a wonderful surprise that you paid me a visit at Hootin' Anni's! Your stopping by brought a big smile to my heart. Thanks for the wonderful, get well, wishes.

    And I say the same to you...get well so you can enjoy your time with your long-time friend!!

  13. I hope you feel better and have a great fun with your friend. The squirrel looks very pretty, I haven't seen reddish one like that.

  14. Hope you are feeling better and on your way to Cologne.

  15. Really sorry to hear you are unwell. It doesn't seem that long ago that you were suffering from a cough and cold. This winter has not been very kind to you. Hope you were well enough to travel today.

  16. I hope you are well now and with your friend in Germany. Loved seeing the red squirrels!

  17. I hope you and Mr G are over this sick nonsense! ;) That is no fun at all! Your squirrels are quite different from any I've seen.


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