12 Mar 2015


When my mother's sister had married an American and moved to the States in 1950, she always sent us parcels with food and clothes, which were so much needed in the destroyed after war Germany.

Once my grandma got a parcel with a package in it which looked like rice ! That was something very special and almost impossible to get. So she opened the bag and cooked the rice, it didn't get soft. She let it boil for hours and the rice was still hard. In short uneatable. She complained to her daughter in the next letter and got the answer from my aunt, she had forgotten to tell her that it was not ordinary rice, but popcorn rice ! She also sent a recipe.

The next parcel arrived at my parents house, and my mother was keen to make the first Popcorn in her life. She followed all instructions and then we waited. Suddenly there was an explosion,  the popcorn jumped out of the pot and spread all over the kitchen. She hadn't thought to put a cover on the pot !  My mother and I even had to protect our faces. I found this very funny and could not stop laughing. My mother's expression on her face will forever stay in my memories.  We tried to safe what was savable and I ate the first Popcorn of my life. This must have been in 1951. Nobody knew Popcorn and I was so proud to fill in a bag with Popcorn and distributed it to the children playing on the street. We had enough Popcorn ! I loved it very much and my aunt continued to send us Popcorn. My mother never forgot again to put a cover on the pot !

10 years later, Popcorn was sold in Germany too and today you find it in whole Europe. It even became tradition to buy a huge bag in the cinemas and munch it during the movie, which doesn't not always please your neighbor.

PS. I am sorry, I didn't realize that we were already at the letter Q !

Jenny Matlock
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  1. Very funny story. Your poor shocked mother.

  2. Great story...I would have just changed the title to 'Quite an anecdote'...I also thought we were on letter P and had to change my title♪ http://lauriekazmierczak.com/plane-views/

  3. What a delightful story about popcorn ~ I could see how that would happen ~ Popcorn is so delicious!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  4. Too funny! I'm sure you were laughing all the way through the clean up! I remember when Jiffy Pop came out -- it was fun to watch the container expand as the corn popped!

  5. Yes sometimes you might feel like punching your neighbour at the cinema if he is munching his popcorn too loudly. (It's almost always a man).

  6. Who can afford popcorn at a movie today? The prices are outrageous and we do not go to the movies! My sister-in-law Joyce grew up on a farm and they raised corn. WE always had fresh popcorn and my mother had an old fashion popcorn maker that had a little turn handle on top! I loved listening to the corn pop and eating it with fresh butter! Nice memories! Your story was great and I can only imagine the horror on your poor mothers face! That you for sharing and I enjoyed the letter "P" from you today!

  7. What a fun memory! It is still sold at the theater (or cinema). Only they charge so much for it!

  8. A wonderful story! I can see it raining popcorn with delighted children around the pot. By the way, I'm about to go make popcorn and munch it with the Husband as we watch an old movie.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  9. Love the popcorn story!

    I remember in the late 40's and early 50's we were sending packages to Germany too. Not sure if it was a relative or friend that my mother knew.


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