13 Jun 2014


1. Monday night we had a terrible thunderstorm. 26.000 lightenings were counted over Belgium.

Hail as big as tennis balls fell down, damaging cars and roofs. In some areas there was flooding and the firemen had a lot to do. Dominique had left her quite heavy umbrella standing in her garden and the next morning it had disappeared. I helped her looking for it and we found it finally in the little wood besides her house !

And you know what I did .... I slept ! I haven't heard or seen anything, I saw it the next morning in the news.

2. My friend Chantal came for a visit to show me her pictures she had taken in Dubai. She had been there for 10 days staying in the flat of her son's friend who works there. She was so enthusiastic about the unbelievable luxury in this artificial city. Her sons went skiing on real snow and had even penguins there and when they came out they could swim in an enormous swimming pool in 30°C (86 F) ! I admired the pictures but found this city awful and ugly with no soul and a lot of bling bling ! Ferraris, Jaguars etc where as common as normal cars here. I don't want to see the reverse of this decor the poors must be very poor ! Nothing for me !

3. I had discovered a new feature (or maybe it's an old one) on my computer, I could take "selfies" ! I caught my cat Arthur

and tried to make a picture, Arthur struggled and didn't want to pose, the result was this !

4. End of June Ilona, Nicole, Dominique and I will go to Cornwall and visit the area on an old steam train. I invited them for a meeting to prepare our trip and give them all documents I had gotten per email. There was a pile of paper on the table when suddenly a puff of wind blew all papers away and on the lawn ! The four of us got up like flashes and collected the papers which were all over the grass. Then we had a blueberry cake and coffee. We had a very cheerful afternoon and are now looking forward to our trip.

Mr. G. is still in Italy with son and grandson and they skyped me. The weather was as hot as here so I really had no regrets ! I am enjoying my holidays too.

5. For the first time since I attend my painting class, there was nobody who could create a poster for our yearly painting exhibition. I thought I give it a try and made one.

It was approved by all and will be hanging in the City Hall and other official places and in stores, boutiques and private houses, all over Waterloo. I would lie if I would say that I am not a little proud.


  1. I heard there were people killed by the storm in Germany. There were certainly fallen trees everywhere.

    Dubai does not appeal to me at all.

  2. Oh my, look at those tennis ball sized hail! My fragile head would be cracked if it hit me. :P

    The poster you made is pretty good, I am so proud of you.

  3. Congratulations!!!!

  4. Congratulations!!!!

  5. wow that is some storm you all endured!! our mid west area here in the States had some fierce large hail as well. That is a wonderful pic of you and your kitty and I don't think I would like the city of Dubai. It's not on my bucket list of places to see :)
    I hope you enjoy a wonderful restful weekend and congrats on that art poster!! very colorful and nice!

  6. Wow, that is some big hail! Glad you didn't get any damage from it.

    I'm smiling while imagining you and your friends chasing papers over the yard. :-)

    Congratulations on having the poster approved! It looks great!

  7. Your poster is great! I'm so glad you created it and found favor with them. That was some storm! I've never seen hail so large (and hope not to)! Arthur doesn't look very happy at all about this whole selfie business--he's much too dignified.

  8. Your storm even got a mention on the news here.
    Your poster should meet everyone's approval, it is so clever, artistic and colourful.

  9. Wow that must have been a storm!Poor cars I'm sure. Congratulations on your poster. Very good job. I was coming over to say thanks for visiting me. Thank you for the kind words. I noticed your Wednesday linky. I'll be posting a letter V.
    I'm following you too.

  10. Dick found out we have hail damage on both cars but we didn't even notice. We get a lot of hail storms here, but seldom as bad as that one you slept through!
    Your poster is very good. My trade is printing, and I've seen many, many posters that weren't as good as this one.
    Good for you, thinking of what life must be like for the poor in a city like Dubai where so many people are wealthy. I imagine they don't let the poor live in their fancy city. They probably live in villages far enough away that the rich cannot see them.
    Your trip to Cornwall sounds wonderful!
    Hugs to you and Arthur and the rest of the cats.
    Luv, K

  11. Wouha!! You're such a designer! People will see everywhere in Waterloo your creation!!! Lucky you are girls, to go to England together! I would want to be wiith you all! Mélissa arrived this afternoon in Salamanque where Joanna was waiting for her!!!
    And you didn't hear anything when the storm was above Delgium!!! Ha!Ha! Arthur is so cute on the pic!

  12. Oh the storm sounds awful.
    The poster of paintings looks very nice and that is a nice selfie of you and your pretty boy.

  13. Wow what hailstones! Glad it didn't bother you! I want to look for that feature with which you took a selfie. Is it on Skype? That's the only cam I can see on mine. I love your poster. And I love the meeting to sort out your travels. Enjoy your weekend. Jo

  14. You (and Arthur) did very well with your first selfie :-)

    The photos of the storm are amazing. Even more that you slept through it all!

  15. That is a beautiful poster. I can't believe you slept through such an awful storm. I am sure it was pretty noisy. Arthur need to learn to pose :)

  16. You have been very busy with creating your poster (which is excellent) and the planning of the forthcoming trip. Those hailstorms have damage written all over them. What a storm.


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