9 Jun 2014


For a week I suffered Mr. G's holiday fever ! When he goes to Italy it's like preparing an expedition to a lost corner in the North Pole ! Finally the day arrived and he was already up at 6.30, his bus to Amsterdam was at 11 am ! He joined our son there to take a flight to Verona together with little Toby.

Instead of leaving the house in a reasonable time to drive him to the Bus station, we finally left far too early, he drove me crazy. It wasn't better in the car, because of course he knew the way better then my GPS he had forgotten that it was at least 40 years ago he hadn't been at Brussels North station and everything had changed. It was a loud trip in the car, twice I took the wrong way because he interfered all the time ! I was very much relieved when we finally arrived and he got out of the car and into the station for his check in. I kissed good bye and left in a hurry !

When I returned home I needed holidays too.

The weather was sunny and very warm so I moved my office on the terrace. I put my computer in a big carton so that the sun didn't reflect on the screen and did my blogging work. Arthur was surprised about this installation, but liked it very much and acted as my assistant.

I spent the whole day on the terrace and only ate when my stomach claimed I had sworn not to look at my watch. Nobody asked me "When do we eat" ! It's easier to feed four cats then one man.

Ilona arrived in the afternoon and we enjoyed the nice weather discussed the past, the present and the future. Mr. G. called me that they had arrived well, but that he was very tired.

In the evening it was still so warm that I didn't want to go inside but installed my computer on the little table and watched a movie on YouTube. At 11 pm I finally went to bed and slept like a baby.

On Sunday thunderstorm was in the air and it rained a bit, but fortunately it cleared up and I went to the Midi market in Brussels. It was full ! So many people you could hardly walk. I bought some apples and two very light trousers for hot summer days.

The afternoon and evening I spent again on our terrace with my head in the carton to see the computer screen. 


Jo said...

Phew!I'm glad you got down to earth after that rush to the station with Arthur as your calm assistant! Thank YOU for my beautiful header. It matches my Cat's age calculator and another item just underneath. I did add your link and hope people will come here and use your talents! I will post about it too!!

Linens and Royals said...

With Arthur's help you will have a holiday at home relaxing and using your computer.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. so pleased Mr G got to go to Italy with his son and grandson ..that'll please him. However can understand the frustration .. some travellers!

Still you're over here soon .. and seeing MY CORNWALL!!! I love the way you've converted the garden .. and so enjoy feeding yourselves when you all cry out for tummy refills!

We didn't get rain here .. but today is soggy! Cheers Hilary

Latane Barton said...

Men do seem to know the way everywhere, don't they? And, they are always getting lost while we women just zoom by them on our way. Funny. Glad you are enjoying your time alone. That's so needed.

Mara said...

Your head in a box. It sounds so funny when you put it like that! I can just picture it now.

Loree said...

Men - they always have to make such a big fuss about everything :)

A Lady's Life said...

lol nothing like staying outside the box.
Mr G seems to worry a lot.
Men can be big babies. They love to be pampered and catered to.
I am lucky my husband caters to me.
He never liked me choosing his clothes or shoes or make his food.
He likes doing what he likes when he likes it and this can also be annoying cause I like to have a schedule and in my house it's not to be.Well at least now you can have a little peace at home with the cats lol

Unknown said...

Lol. Vacationing with others can be so much fun.
I am glad to hear you had a wonderful time.

LindyLouMac said...

Just love your idea of putting the computer in a box! :)

Anonymous said...

I can appreciate your "vacation" at home. I'm going to have three days to myself this weekend. I always have so many plans of things I want to accomplish. The lawn chair in the shade of the oak will be a priority!